February 24th, 2006

Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

Men with Brooms

Holy HELL! Canada is beating the dogshit out of Finland in the Gold medal curling match. Now they're just killing time until the Finns are allowed to concede.

Woulda-coulda-shoulda been a seven ender, except the Canadian skip deliberately overthrew the hammer so they wouldn't run up the score. (Pretty damn amazing, considering you only have eight stones to work with total...)
Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown


Pardon the two "geeky" entries in a row, but...

Tatanka's back!

(And yes, I know it goes against my recent TNA Wrestling fandom, and my usual complaints about old men from twenty years ago still running around in tights, but dammit, Tatanka was fucking awesome. And he was big-time in the early to mid 90's, so it ain't quite as bad as the folks who've been rasslin' since before I was born...)