February 3rd, 2006

Tasuki - accomplished

And on the eighth day, the Lord said "Shut up, Nash..."

I'm feeling especially random today... =P

In a pretty good mood, though. After one too many nights of not sleeping, I popped three Tylenol PM's and forced myself to get a little shuteye. The "PM" part worked like a charm - I think I was down for nearly twelve hours. Best sleep I've ever had that wasn't caused by concussions, painkillers, or hard liquor. However, the "Tylenol" part didn't do jack as I woke up with a migrane from hell. One of the ones where any light, any sound at all makes you feel like your skull's gonna come apart at the seams. Ugh.

But, I managed to get shit done anyways. Taxes are filed and sent off. And though I was almost certain that I'd be paying out this year, it turns out that I'll be getting a little something back instead. Nothing drastic, but most definitely better to have a check than a bill. I also found a Notary and got some insurance paperwork filled out and mailed off. w00t for random spurts of productiveness.

PGSM download's up to 13%. In two weeks, that's going to pwn.

Now I'm gonna lay back down. Got a belly full of pigs-in-blankets and need to take a nap. =P
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