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I kind of like the concept that, no matter what you may be into, there's probably enough interest to have a cable channel for it. Instead of just having three channels to choose from, there are now so many that a person can really fine-tune exactly what they feel like watching (even without On Demand or TiVo). Reruns? Game shows? Soaps? Westerns? Cartoons? News? Instead of having to wait for a certain program at a certain time, you can usually just flip over to "The ___________ Channel" and have at it.

But, on the other hand, it annoys me to no end whenever one of these specialty channels really don't have enough content to warrant it's existance. Well, either that or they create the channel for one specific type of content, and then start showing other shows that are not even close to the same genre. Call it a pet peeve.

This is what I've seen so far:
Dennis the Menace on the Black Family Channel
NHL Hockey on the Outdoor Life Network
Scrabble on ESPN
Live College Basketball on ESPN Classic
Poker on The Travel Channel (also, most of the other poker shows that seem to be cropping up every other week...)
The Man Show, Star Trek: TNG, and a few street racing shows on G4 Video Game TV
Miss America on Country Music Television
and, of course, roughly 99% of the content on Music Television

Anyone else have any good ones they've seen?

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In about a week or so, I'll be adding the following titles to my DVD library (which, admittedly, isn't much of a collection without these films):

The Punisher. 'Nuff said. Got the old Dolph Lundgren movie, so now I got the new one as well. Rock!
Resevoir Dogs. Not the ultra-cool $50 Mr. Pink edition, but the same film with the same extras in a different colored box.
Fight Club. Two disc collector's edition of the single most kickass film known to man.
Donnie Darko. Another no brainer. This time it's the Director's Cut...almost makes it a good reason that I'm having to buy another copy of it.

I dare anyone else to squeeze that much bad-assedry out of just one gift certificate. Muchos Gracias, thespacecow!!

[EDIT:] Please note that anyone who has not seen these films will be tied down and forced to watch them, propaganda-style, once they arrive in my mailbox. It's for your own good.

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I don't know if there's a tangible point in which one can say that they've "made it", but tonight had to have been close. Someone asked me if I could break a hundred, and without hesitation I said "Sure thing", and started digging through my wallet. It wasn't till I pulled out the bills did I catch myself wondering if I'd even have anywhere near that much, but hey, at least I would have tried. Truth is I was expecting to be way short, but to my surprise I pulled out four twenties, a ten, and two fives and folded the rest up and slid my wallet back into my jeans. I wasn't gonna say anything, but James started ragging me about bein' loaded for the next ten minutes. I don't agree 100%, but on the other hand, that made me remember how I'd usually laugh when folks asked me to break a twenty. And besides, if that's a rumor that ends up making it's way around, I won't complain. Ain't exactly gonna hurt my chances with the ladies none. ::smirk::

Oh, and everyone seemed to die of amazement when I showed up in a KISS army shirt. Makes me wanna go plug in Destroyer and rock myself to sleep. That don't sound like too bad of an idea...

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