January 19th, 2006

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Scars and Stripes

What's this I hear about Bin Laden wanting a truce? 0_o;; That's about the stupidest thing that I can possibly imagine.

Firstly, there ain't no way we're gonna forgive Bin Laden till we shove a Patriot missile up his ass and hit the launch button. On national television. With tickets being sold to the event. Yeah, yeah, Bush harps on about 9-11 far too often and usually on topics like Iraq or the Economy or whatever else that has nothing to do with anything. But in regards to Bin Laden himself? Ain't nobody forgotten, and no matter what people feel about wiretaps or judicial nominations or recounts or oil or whatever else, everybody wants to see his head on a pole. Bin Laden's, I mean. Only 50% of the folks here think that about Bush. (And as bad as folks hate the current President? I couldn't imagine twice that many people being even more pissed off at me!)

Secondly? If Bin Laden was half the criminal mastermind that he supposedly is, he should just keep his mouth shut. The single biggest complaint those opposed to the War on Terror keep repeating is that we've apparently forgotten all about Afghanistan because we're so focused on Iraq now. I partially agree - while I don't think we've forgotten about Bin Laden in the slightest, we're so in over our heads in Iraq that we don't really have the time, money, troops, or anything else to devote as much attention to him as he deserves. In any case, the last thing that he should be doing is reminding us "Hey, guys? Y'all still haven't killed me yet..."

Thirdly? This guy is leading a bunch of fanatics. Crazy people who like blowing themselves up on subways or crashing jumbo jets into skyscrapers. They only follow him because of his popularity, because they believe in him. He doesn't really control them by anything else but their respect for him and his radical beliefs. The last thing someone like that would ever consider is limping back to The Great Western Devil and saying they're sorry, hoping that we can all play nice from now on. "Compromise" and "religious fanaticism" do not exactly go hand-in-hand, you know. ::confuzzled::

I don't know. I haven't been keeping up with the news like I normally do as of late, so maybe my opinion don't really add up to much. But I still couldn't help but do a triple-take when I read that headline. As far as I know, it's still just a voice on a tape that claims to be Bin Laden. Half of me thinks this one's gotta be a fake since it's so damned stupid. The rest of me could care less, as long as someone eventually digs him out of whatever hole he crawled into and makes him pay for all the innocent lives lost.