December 20th, 2005

PANTSU!, Girl Watchin', Short Skirts RULE!

Holliday Wish List

Time for a random quiz/poll. Tonight's topic: Top Ten All-Time Anime Dream Babes. Or Guys, or whatever you prefer. Just leave the stereotypical furry mascots out of it and we're good. ^_^;
The rules are simple. Pick ten fictional hotties from your favorite anime, manga, comic, video game, etc. For each one, list the reason(s) why he or she made the team. Discuss. (Or just post scantily-clad images to prove your point. That works too.) ::smirk::

Why? Cause I'm bored, can't sleep, and can't think of anything more interesting to talk about. That and they keep rerunning that Mahurabo promo on Japan-a-Radio, talking about various harem anime. Must be stuck in my head. Should be good for a little friendly banter at the very least.
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