October 2nd, 2005

Kyo - Kick Ass!!!, Kyo - Ready for Action

AWA Pics

Just for my own records, since I'm on slow-ass dialup, but if any of y'all wanna check them out then be my guest. Still don't have mine uploaded, and I may never put those online...I passed out some burned CDs yesterday at the meeting for the folks that wanted them. I may upload a few of the Tasuki/Kyo pics, but not the random other ones. Depends on how I'm feeling later on. ::shrugs::

AWA Cosplay Booth
Kellie's pictures
Tiff's pics
Lauren's pics (and videos)

Still gotta wait till either Em and Mo post their pics, or maybe if I can snag a burned CD from them. They have all my pics from Friday when my camera was unavailable, plus a couple of cool ones of Tasuki and Suzaku no Miko. ::smirk:: And if anyone else has any posted, feel free to reply and I'll add 'em to the list as I get them.
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