September 22nd, 2005 - Damage Control: Nash's Journal — LiveJournal
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I've always bitched about how CBS was biased against Bama. Of course, most people just accuse me of being biased towards them...and they're right, of course. Nothing short of Eli Gold and "The Snake" is worth listening to, cause they're the only two people I'll willingly admit to being as big of Tide fans as myself. And you can hear it in their voice every time Bama puts six up on the board. Poor Eli just about had a heart attack after Prothro's catch last weekend, already labelled as perhaps the single greatest of all time. (And not by folks like the USA Today and other neutral parties.)

But turns out that I was absolutelty right. One of the CBS commentators is Steve Beuerlein. You know....this guy:

That's Steve Beuerlein. Or, as he's more widely known, the guy that Cornelius Bennett almost fucking killed in '86. And no one knows the first damned thing about him, either. But folks come up to him every day of his life and ask him if he's the guy that almost got killed by Cornelius Bennett in '86. Drop back, fake handoff to the left, roll out to the right, and then WHAM!

Wonder if he's a little bitter?

Since we were beating the Gamecocks so badly last weekend, they took ten or so minutes to not only talk about that game in great detail, but show the play known simply as "The Sack" multiple times in slow motion. Legend has it that he kept lining up behind Guard after that hit. He refutes this vehemently...but he did admit that the coaches knew it was time to pull him out because he thought he was playing in High School, and calling out his former teammates' names. ::chuckles:: When asked what was the last thing he remembered, his only response was that he thought it was a pretty good handoff. Not much after that...

I'm glad CBS is televising the SEC. Always great games since the SEC is far and away the toughest conference in the NCAA. And it's great exposure for us nationwide. But it does irk me a little that they always seem to call the game in favor of Florida or Tennessee or Spurrier's Gamecocks. At least I know that it's not just my imagination though. ::smirks::

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