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Haven't done one of these in a while, but I think it's about time for another "Hero of the Day". Normally I tip my hat to someone that's doing the right thing and that would otherwise get no credit at all, or occasionally to some extreme action (such as Bethany Hamilton, or Pat Tillman, or countless others). But occasionally some guy just strikes me the right way and I want to mention that I'm impressed.

Justin Beriault is one of those guys. Little fella, trying out for the Dallas Cowboys. He walked on, and then practiced every day with a torn-up knee while everyone else sat the bench because they were worried about getting hurt or was benched for minor cramps or injuries. He's the guy that you normally never notice - the one that's always at every workout, never misses a day of practice, first one onto the field and the last one off. And normally, hard work and dedication don't get you fact, the "nice guys finish last" mentality seems to apply more often than not, and the guys with lots of heart get cut to make room for the one freakishly large guy who was born with a lucky set of genes, or the asshole veteran who thinks he's better than 99% of the planet. And this fella might still get cut tomorrow and have to start bagging groceries to support his wife and two kids. But in last night's preseason game, he kicked quite a bit of ass. You could see the #40 in almost every shot. If it was a handoff, he was slipping into the backfield untouched to score a hurry or a sack. If it was a pass, he would either make the tackle or bat the ball away. Very impressive for anyone, much less the walk-on.

Not the same as Pat Tillman or any of the other true "heroes", but he deserves fifteen seconds in the spotlight if not the full fifteen minutes. He worked hard to get to where he is now. And he had a great game, though no one will remember it cause it was preseason and cause the pros will start hogging the limelight in a week or two. But dammit, he deserved it and I hope he makes it big, whether it's with Dallas or with someone else.

And to keep things from getting too serious, how about a quick meme?
You Belong in Roppongi
You belong in Roppongi. Your priorities in life
are drinking, fighting, and sex. You don't
care about looking good because you go to the
trashiest bars in Tokyo, hoping to get your
fill of alcohol in you. If you get lucky, be
sure to use protection. If you don't, hope
nobody robs you as you lie hung over in front
of the train station after last call.

Which part of Tokyo do you belong in?
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Sounds about right for a Rock 'n Roll Redneck like myself.

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