August 17th, 2005 - Damage Control: Nash's Journal — LiveJournal
Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it, drag it, drop it, zip-unzip it...
Just watched the 1979 Sugar Bowl again today. One of the best games ever. I know it's from before I was even born, but it still gives me the goosebumps watching it. Just like old Ali fights or what have you.

Not a lot going on besides that. Took a sick day from work, because I had the rest of my dental work done today. I could deal with the pain, and even told the bossman yesterday that if he had in-shop work to be done I could swing by around noon...I just wouldn't be able to talk and thus not able to go out on service calls. He quickly told me that it would be okay to take the whole day fact, I'll probably have Friday off as well. Turns out I wasn't even supposed to have showed up yesterday, except that I didn't recieve the message he left me 'cause I was online and my cell phone was out of range. He gave me the talk, telling me how the techs were about to start getting their hours cut. And as slow as things have been already, if he's just now about to start cutting hours then I better damn well get out of Dodge while I can.

Braves won big against the Dodgers. w00t. The Nats need to start winning though....while I'm real glad the Braves are back on top like they're supposed to be, I do hope the 'Nats get the wildcard. Hell, if they weren't NL East I'd be pulling for them to win their division. Kinda hope they build up a good program for the years to come, and a playoff spot their first season would go a fair ways in accomplishing that.

Ran into Ross at the barber shop. Didn't know that he went to the same place as me. Didn't get to say much, though, cause I physically couldn't say much. Anastesia and all. ::shrugs::

Feelin' fine other than that. Don't know why...maybe it was just my subconscious or something...but it seemed that just as soon as the 15th had passed, I felt like the king of the fucking world. Haven't been thinking about the past or anything like that, but like I said, something in my subconscious must have just been dragging me down. Got absolutely no reason to think about ancient history, anyways, cause things are better for me this year than they've been in a long while. Guess it goes back to defense...I got pushed back to the one yard line, but I can't let that stop me. Gotta dig in and keep on fighting, no matter how hopeless it may be, and stop those standing in my way dead in their tracks. And then I gotta dig even deeper and do it again if need be. Never give up, and in the end, I'll end up winning it all.

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