August 5th, 2005

Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown


Although I hate reality shows in general, they often come on around suppertime, and thus I often catch a few of them as I eat with my reality-obsessed family. Also, since I would usually come home to take classes in Mobile during the summer semester instead of staying in Tuscaloosa, I'd watch Big Brother in particular so I could...I dunno..."bond" with them or something? That's one of their favorites, and it's the one that runs through the summer months, so that's the one I suppose I've seen the most of.

They also like putting Alabamians in there for some reason, and of course I'll tune in to root on my hometown boys. Jason still should have fucking won Season Three. ::grumbles::

The current season is about the same as the rest. Right now, they're to the "secret" that they do every year when they let someone come back after being cut. And Kaysar better damn well be the one that wins. He was pretty awesome.

I never gave him much of a chance. He was the brown Iraqi muslim terrorist guy in a room full of white college yuppies. An easy choice to boot out that first week, and sure enough, they nominated him. I was shocked and chagrined to see him stay. And now, he's pretty much taken over the fucking place. Just a bad stroke of luck that he got sent home this week. Given the current state of the world....and especially since the leader of the other team just so happens to be a patriotic firefighter....I think it kicked ass that Kaysar ended up being the most powerful person there.

And it kicks ass the way that he carries himself in general. He's a nice guy. He's religious. But he's also extremely clever. And he seems to always be in control; even when he was begging to stay in the game, he turned it around on it's ear and had the balls to walk up to the current HoH, tell them the way things were gonna be, and made her an offer instead of pleading with her not to send him home. Didn't work, but it was a helluva lot better than most people would have handled that.

So, long story short, if you're into this sort of thing be sure to vote early, and vote often. We don't want "Cappy" to win. Gotta get Kaysar back into the mix to stir things up. ::smirk::