July 29th, 2005

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War of the Words

I haven't said anything political for a while, so lemme take a minute or two to piss everyone off before I have to head out and take this test.

I'm so sick and tired of hearing liberals and Democrats and hippies in general saying that Bush is fighting this war for oil, and saying that this is HIS war that he's forcing all of us into. Bullshit, I say.

Firstly, this isn't Bush's war. He isn't the evil mastermind who single-handedly is causing all of this to happen. Republicans and Democrats alike voted to go to war. Yep. Even John Kerry voted for this war...before he voted against it. Of course, that doesn't make this war any better. That doesn't justify it, or explain it, or anything else. And it's perfectly reasonable for folks to be pissed off over how it's been handled since then. But just because you're pissed off now, don't go and rewrite history to support your current opinions.

Also, "because they have oil" is the lamest excuse on the planet. Just ask around. Why are we fighting a war in Iraq? "Because they have oil." Why are we NOT fighting Saudi Arabia? The country that secretly hates us? The country that Bin Laden hails from? The country that most of the 9/11 hijackers came from? "Because they have oil." So, according to left-wing nutjobs, we're sending young men to die in Iraq because we want their oil, but we have to do the exact opposite and claim Saudi Arabia as out ally because they have oil, too? Doesn't exactly make sense...

Of course, right-wing nutjobs are just as bad. James Gregory went nutso on the Big Show earlier this week, and it legitimately pissed me off. I still can't believe that they even aired that bullshit. And just because these two arguments are bunk doesn't mean that things are fine and dandy with how we're fighting the War on Terror. If you got problems with Iraq, then fine. Just make a valid point. Sometimes I'll agree with ya. Sometimes I won't. But just make good, solid points instead of tossing about wild hypotheses.

(And no, this isn't directed at anyone on the Friends List. In fact, y'all are some of the rare few that make good points as to why you believe what you believe. And even when I don't agree with your opinions, I respect your dedication and your conclusions that you've reached from analyzing the facts and really thinking about things. That's a refreshing change of pace from the scores of mindless peons who only hate Bush because Jon Stewart and Green Day tells them to.)