July 21st, 2005

Tasuki - gimme!


No one shall defeat me, for I am a god among nerds.

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Not much to talk about. Work would have sucked, if I acutally had a chance to work. Spent around ten hours down there, and I think I was the only one not to get paid. Except Ken, who was on vacation. And still making as much money as I did after spending all day at the office. Collapse )

But! This morning, while I was so bored that I was about to start chewing on my own arm just to have something to do, T-Mobile released a Texas Hold'Em game for the Sidekick II. Talk about perfect timing! XD Needless to say I downloaded that before the screen even finished loading, and spent as much time as I could get away with betting and raising and counting my chips. Not only did I win the tourney, but I busted out three computer players at once with a beautiful A-2-3-4-5 straight flush. Wish I could get hands like that playing in person. ^_^;

Looks like it's nine. Time for the Titans, then SailorStars (assuming that this codec pack download doesn't crap out in the next half hour). Baka AOL... ::shakes fist::