July 17th, 2005 - Damage Control: Nash's Journal — LiveJournal
Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it, drag it, drop it, zip-unzip it...
Miso turned out pretty cool last night. Cosplay parties are always fun.Collapse )

Two new shows: Midori no Hibi & Haibane RenmeiCollapse )

More Miso MadnessCollapse )

Besides that, the Crawleys showed up for the first time in a coon's age. That rocked - it's good to hear that things are starting to work out for those two.

Of course, two other friends of mine just screwed up their knees so bad that they can hardly walk. That sucks. So get better soon, Cameron and Dani-chan!

Not much else happening, I suppose. Braves won last night. Yay. Braves just lost a few minutes ago. Booooooo. Still just a game and a half back of the Nats, though, so that's a good thing. And I got a brand new Sidekick. w00t!Collapse )

Feeling a little better than I have been this past week. I'm not sad or mopey or depressed. I'm not really all that emotional. I ain't asking for things to be handed to me on a silver platter, and I damn sure ain't giving up. But on the other hand, I'm just damn tired of always having to deal with shit, you know? I don't think it's being excessive to want there to be a break in the action. There's only so much bad news that one person can recieve before they just clench their fists and cry out with anger. It's times like these when I wish I still was an active martial artist. I'd give anything to fight right now. Nothing could make me happier than burying my fist into someone or something. I don't really want to hurt anyone; I'm still the guy that'll do anything and everything to protect others and help them out however I'm able. I just want a target to unleash my rage upon.

Junior's in the top ten. Laps are winding down, so lemme log off of here and make sure my boy wins him another one. I'll hop back on later.

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