July 14th, 2005 - Damage Control: Nash's Journal — LiveJournal
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Sandra Day O'Connor is stepping down. And now, Rehnquist is getting sick again...looks like he may step down pretty soon. Might have to.

I'm very interested to see what Bush is going to do with his pick(s). After all, Bush will only be around for a few more years; these folks will be there for life (cue nWo music). And this nomination is especially important, since O'Connor is often the swing vote. While I don't want to belittle the others, replacing her may tip the scale in any number of directions.

I don't want to say that this was the only reason that I voted Bush, but I won't hesitate to say that it was my main reason. Bush wasn't the best of candidates. Neither was Kerry. But either man would put new justices on the court, and I would much rather have conservatives take over these positions than liberals. In my opinion, the ideal mix would be to have liberal lawmakers, conservative judges, and as impartial and unbiased a leader as possible. Of course, things never work out that way, but still I would have hated to see the nutjobs from the California Ninth Circuit Court get appointed to the Supreme Court. They stir up enough trouble as it is.

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I am slowly learning that nobody understands me, and that I will never be accepted for who and what I am.

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