July 11th, 2005 - Damage Control: Nash's Journal — LiveJournal
Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it, drag it, drop it, zip-unzip it...
Looks like Big Red's got the day off after all. Sweet. ::grins::

Stupid-ass cell phone. I have the single most 1337 phone in the world. No one else's even comes close. And it's come in handy several times. Need something downloaded off the Internet? Gotcha. Who has a camera? Got one right here. I'm always saving the day with some nifty little feature or another. I bet if I actually read the instructions, I could figure out how to launch nuclear warheads with this baby.

The only thing is, I get shitty reception at my parent's house. When I walked outside to go to work, I immediately got four or five missed calls. Two invites to a hurricane party, and one from the boss sayin' that we were definitely going to be closed today. =P

So basically, I have a phone that'll do damned near anything...except work as a phone. Funny.

EDIT: Scratch that first part. But the good news is that since nobody else wants to give up their day off, I'm getting a little OT. That's kind of sweet too, in a different way. ^_^

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