June 28th, 2005

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We don't need no water

Anyone else confused about this anti-flag burning law?

That has kind of always been the iconic example of "I don't agree with what you're saying, but I'll fight for your right to say it". We've always had flag burning protests. And I hate to see anyone, domestic or abroad, desecrate our flag. But it's always been legal, and always protected as free speech. As much as it makes my blood boil, I'd rather see the occasional radical nutjob burning something so sacred to us Americans than to see the government strip away even more of our rights. Especially in the name of patriotism (such as the ever-popular Patriot Act).

And you know what's really confusing? I'm one of the few people who seems to know anything about flag etiquette, and the things that you're supposed to do to take care of and properly honor our flag. And I distinctly remember that when you have a flag that needs to be replaced, you are supposed TO BURN IT. You're supposed to put the new one up so that it's never really "down", cover it somehow so that it doesn't have to witness the destruction of the old one, and then burn the previous flag as a sign of respect.

Guess they didn't think one through all the way, huh? ::chuckles::
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