June 7th, 2005

Tasuki - gimme!

Bribes can and will be accepted.

Yeah, I broke down and bought one. I know I shouldn't have, but it'll prolly be years till they do this again. Had the cash on me since I've been hoarding and hoarding paychecks in hopes of getting my own bachelor pad, and eventually I'll come out ahead on the money. Especially since I'm big enough into LJ that I'd buy the full version and most of the extras like the userpic upgrades. w00t.

But that raises an interesting problem. I still gots six months of paid time remaining. Plus the 50 userpics option. And I found out that I can transfer my 177.15 days to another user. So who want's em? I wanted to drop them anonymously and unexpectedly onto someone, but there's several of y'all that deserve a random act of kindness like that. Plus not all of you care about the extra features, and wouldn't care even if you did get some free paid time. Wouldn't want to waste half a year - the whole point of transferring it is to keep that from happening.

So, who wants it? I don't think I can split it multiple ways, so it's an all-or-nothing type of deal. Post here with the reason(s) why I should drop it on you, and it's yours. (I think I'll screen these comments, too. That way I can laugh at folks without them gettin' all embarassed and stuff. Heheh.) ^_^
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