May 25th, 2005

Tasuki - Real Man

Out of touch with Reality

I could care less about most reality shows. I only found out just the other day that American Idol is almost over, and that's just cause they're running commercials all the time. I couldn't care less...apparently it's down to some blonde country girl and some long-haired rocker. But I just found out that this Bo fella's from Alabama. And if that's the case, then he is vastly superior in every way and that stupid blonde bitch has gotta go home.

One of the very few reality shows that I watch (because I truly like it, not just to humor my parents) is The Contender. That wrapped up last night. Alfonzo Gomez won the bronze medal fight. Damned if the boy didn't deserve it...first fight he called out the world-ranked Manfredo Jr, easily the most experienced there and the early favorite to win. And despite fighting two full wieght classes below him, he won. He gets mad props just for calling out the biggest and the baddest there, but beating him like he did was mighty damn impressive. It sucks that he lost the remach...Manfredo did win the fight and did deserve to advance, but I hated to see Gomez go home when he and Manfredo were tied 1-1. The championship fight kicked extreme ass - easily one of the best fights I've seen in ages. I expected Manfredo to win, but I was rooting for Sergio the whole time. It was close during the early rounds, but as time progressed Sergio pounded him like a two dollar hooker. One judge scored the seven round fight 70-63 in Sergio's favor. Great, great fight. It just sucks that the one good reality show out there got canned already and won't be back next season...

Ah well. Time to go make things happen. See y'all round.
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Feel like I'm gonna die.

Lots of cool people die in hotel rooms. They usually have lots more booze and hookers, though.

(Damn microscopic germ-like things invading my gooey innards...)
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