March 24th, 2005

Piro - blank, Piro - not impressed, Piro - bored


Great day yesterday, though it started off bad. I was supposed to show up at a customer's site at 8:00am, rather than my normal routine of meeting at the office at 8:30am. But I was so doped up on cold medicine that night that I forgot to change my alarm. Whoops. Got down there at 8:15, which is pretty damn good considering that I left at the same time and had to drive further away.

After that, though, things were gravy. The list of things that I had to do were knocked out before Jesse called to check up on me...I was waiting around for the last two compers to finish a spyware check. That kind of surprised him (in a good way). Since he had to come down there anyway to bring a work order/bill for them, we went ahead and knocked out all of the things that we were going to do today instead. During all that, I was on my game. Jesse would do something, and I'd point out things that he was doing wrong that needed to be changed. Not to be an asshat, but they were things that would be tough as hell to track down after the fact, and it saved both us and the customers time and money. I also showed him a few minor things that'd make it all work a little more efficiently - nothing major, just a few tweaks of things that he hadn't thought about. I finished up the new list of things that he brought with him for me to do, so while I was waiting for him to finish up the last thing that he was working on, he'd quiz me on various test questions that were related to what we were doing. I busted out all of the answers without any doubt or hesitation.

Yeah, I was pretty happy. Just wish that all days could be like that. ^_^

After lunch, it was pretty slow. Till I sliced my thumb open with a saw blade. That was fun. So was carrying the parts for 15 new computers up the stairs. Guess that's what I'll be doing all day today, making over a dozen new boxes from scratch.

Not much else to talk about. Ralph is still the same, and still running that fever. I set a new record and went to bed last night at eight-something. I ate supper, watched Survivor with my folks, and then dozed off in the big chair while waiting for my tax forms to print out. I gave in at that point, set my paperwork down, and crawled in the bed. I suppose I needed it.
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"The Bad Boy of Networking" Strikes Again

Today kicked an ungodly amount of ass. Oh yes. Nothing too major, but the entire day rocked from start to finish...and I still have a few hours left before it's all over. ::grins::

First part of the day was spent at a customer's site working on various things. I'm normally their secondary tech, but now that Jesse-sensei is busy working at the office covering for the bossman, I'm going solo to work on most of the small, annoying things. I've only been to this site a time or two before, but the ladies there were complimenting me left and right. As someone who never gets any credit for anything ever, I didn't really know what all to do. But every time I turned around, I'd hear "WOW! You're done already? That was FAST!" or "You're so smart! How long did it take you to get so good at this?" or something similar. I'm definitely not used to that kind of treatment. Not in the slightest.

Trust me: this is the exception, not the rule. Most people hate IT guys. Computer problems frustrate most people more than anything else, and the tech guys only show up when there's a problem. We either have to deal with people who are already frustrated/upset/pissed because everything's messed up and smile as they take their frustrations out on us, or we get accused of being the ones that fucked things up to begin with. After all, nothing's ever broke without us being there. So it must be our fault, right? ::grumbles:: But nevertheless, it feels good to be appreciated.

Ate lunch at my favorite little Chineese restaraunt. Good stuff. And I got a pretty good fortune as well. Funny thing is that at this one particular restaraunt, every fortune that I've ever gotten had either just happened to me or came true shortly thereafter. Let's hope that the streak continues. ^_^

After that, it was back to the office to build PC's. To be honest, I've never done that before. I've repaired and modified computers to the point that they were all but created from scratch, the only piece remaining being the case and maybe the mobo. I've swapped every part, replacing things here and upgrading them there. But each time, there was always a computer (or at least part of one) to begin with, and the end result was a more better computer. So it was kind of fun to dive into a pile of boxes and grab parts, throwing them all together and building a working box from scratch. Nice hardware, too...the next batch of MCSA students are gonna be pleased.

Chris rocks. He's almost exactly where I want to be 5-10 years from now. He's understanding and sympathetic and easy to get along with, but he's also firm and focused and dedicated. He knows damn near everything about anything with a power plug, and he's the kind of guy that gets shit done. So I'm not saying anything bad about him in the slighest...but its so much fun now that he's overseas. Jesse is more like me in that he's strictly business when dealing with customers, but he's a big goofball when he's by himself or around friends. So we were back in the tech room cracking jokes and acting silly for most of the day. My hands never stopped building those PC's, but instead of standing there silently as I worked on the assembly line the entire office was casual and relaxed and not really taking much of anything seriously. Whoever answered the phone straightened up and was 110% professional when a customer would call, but the rest of the time we had so much fun that I almost feel guilty about getting paid for it. Almost.

Think I'm gonna fill out my tax info real quick, then go watch that last disc of Fushigi Yuugi. There's no way I'm gonna ruin the rest of the day by studying for a test that I won't be able to take for at least another five or six days at the earliest. ::smirks::
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