March 8th, 2005

Tasuki - bad day

No fucking way.

Failed the damned 290 exam. Again.

THREE HUNDRED FUCKING DOLLARS BLOWN ON THIS ONE STUPID TEST, and I don't have a damn thing to show for it.

And I know the material, too. I took all 151 questions on the Self Test Software program, and scored 87%. Most areas were in the upper 80's through lower 90's. All but the one section that included IIS, and even that was still a 75% (five over what you need to pass). Read both books cover-to-cover. Took the eLearning evaluation on the Microsoft website, also around 85% or so. Bought the CramSession study guide and read that too. I was prepared. But then, dammit if NINE of the fourty questions on the exam weren't about IIS. Nice pseudo-random selection of questions there, guys. </sargasm>

This is fucking unreal. Words cannot describe how pissed off I am at the moment. I don't even know whether I feel more angry, or more like a failure (cubed). Keeps switching, I suppose. I just want to start breaking random things. That'd be nice. And, of course, I still gotta face all my classmates tomorrow that're gonna ask me how I did. Hell, I still gotta face Chris and Jesse and the rest of the Odyssey Networking staff all day tomorrow. -_-;

Think tonight I'm gonna just gonna drink watch Galaxy Fraulein Yuna drink and watch Galaxy Fraulein Yuna till I start to cheer up a bit.

And, lucky me, Microsoft is running a special that if you fail a test, they'll give you a free retake. Too bad you had to sign up with that first...ain't gonna apply here. Though I can do that next time, in case I fail this damned thing a fourth time so that number five will be free.

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