March 7th, 2005

Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

1 + 1 = ____

Just got off the phone with Pearson VUE/Microsoft Testing. Lots of phone tag - no one was in when I needed to talk to them, and everyone acted like they had absolutely no clue what I was talking about. And this was with a tracking number and the name of the specific individual that I needed to talk to. Meh. One Middle-Eastern fella finally put me through to that woman's voice mail. I hear "Hello, this is Sunita." I wait for the rest of the recording as I mentally prepare the message in my head, and realize that this is the actual person and not her machine.

So, that kind of throws me for a second. I then try to explain the issue to her, but she acts like I'm speaking French. Je ne parle pas le francais. Turns out there was a technical issue (gee, imagine that?) and she could hardly hear me. I think there was a delay in the phone somehow, such that we would both talk and both pause at the same first I thought she was just a moron, but once I called her back on my cell phone we no longer had that problem.

When all that was said and done (read: thirty minutes later after being put on hold), she finally told me that all she knew was that all of the questions were answered and that "it" was rebooted once. I know for a fact that this isn't correct - the testing program crashed twice, and that's why I was concerned. Wasn't just a one time fluke thing...I had multiple problems during the same examination. She seemed surprised to hear that, but played it off like I didn't know what I was talking about. She continued to mention that it happened once, even though I would correct her each and every time. And I asked her what she meant by "it rebooting"? The entire computer, or just the restarting the testing software itself? She didn't even know that. Her exact reply was "Um....either, I suppose?"


She asked me if I ever asked the test administrator to reschedule my exam. I said no. Why would I? The test admin said that it would probably be okay, so I kept on going. And those questions were so bizzarely simple that I was worried that I might have to reschedule (and end up with a more difficult random selection of questions the next time). Hell, since this has never happened to me before, I didn't know I could ask them to reschedule it for free. I wasn't about to pay for it again, yanno. It's only happened once before at Odyssey, so they've never even been in that situation before. And that time was because of a power outage - not because of the testing program itself encountering terminal errors.

I was honest. Damn Psych Lims. ::shrugs:: She snapped at me, saying that since I chose to continue that I was not going to be compensated to retake the exam. I tried to explain to her that this wasn't even the real issue here. Sure, it was frustrating and distracting as hell, but I was worried that these errors may have affected my score. I was concerned that these crashes may have either cleared or changed some of the answers that I had selected. In response, she could only repeat that they weren't going to do anything about it, and tried to slip it in one last time that it only happened once. (Again I cried bullshit, because I know for a fact that it happened twice. I even told her the exact questions that it crashed on.)

Long story short? They have no fucking idea. They don't even know what the problem was to begin with, so I suppose it's asking a bit much for them to know whether there were any data transmission errors or other problems with the calculation of my final score. So now I gotta get back to studying for this damn 70-290 exam. Wish I could have taken it a week or two ago, but I had to wait for VUE to dick around and never figure anything out and never call me back first. Just in case they were going to do something about this. Ha.
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International Man of Mystery. And IT.

It's official: the business trip to Europe is on. Still have to play dumb for the sake of one or two people out there, but no one that'd be reading this journal nor knows someone who is.

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I was hoping for a longer layover in Paris so I would have an excuse to bum around town for a few hours and watch people surrender, but it looks like I'll be heading straight to Belgium and back. Also, it looks like that other job in Birmingham, England is a no-go. And there's that annoying layover in Atlanta on the way'll take a while to go through customs, but still, that's two and a half hours or so that I'll need to kill. Ah well. Still should be interesting. ::smirk::

More details as they become available. Hopefully some posts from the road as well, provided that I can get my crap-top up and running to some reasonable level.
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