February 22nd, 2005

Yuna - happy

Goodbyeeeeee, nurse(s)!


Apparently two of the hot nurses from next door kind of had a thing for me. Next door to where I take my MCSA night classes is Virginia College. Among other things they have nursing classes, and several of the members of my male-dominated computer class has made comments about the members of the female-dominated class in the building next door. It's to the point that they have a bit of a reputation. ::smiles:: But since it's two seperate buildings on opposite sides of the parking lot, no one has ever really had a chance to do much more than see the other students walking into their building...no bumping into each other in the hallways or anything, unfortunately, and not much chance to start any conversation.

At class last night, I hear that two of these lovely ladies were more than just a little interested in me (by what little they've seen of me, that is). Of course, I don't hear this till Monday night. That's because Kris didn't hear about that till Saturday when he bumped into a mutual friend. And said class ended on Friday, leaving me with no way to persue these leads any further. Ah well.

Today's been a good day though. Only a half-day at work today. Finally finished up the install of that wireless bridge, and damn if it isn't as straight and purty as if I had been running cable for years. And the schoolteacher who asked me to carry the computers for her made comments about how big I was and how I must lift weights and such. Definitely a welcome compliment, considering how incredibly weak I've felt ever since my accident. And it's good to hear that all this starving myself (plus what little exersice that I can manage) is starting to have visible results. =D

And apparently, I'm "the Bad Boy of Networking." Not sure how I got that nickname, but I've been called worse. ::smirks::

Because we finished up that job today, I'll most likely have tomorrow off. I watched the second disc of GitS:SAC today on a 52" HDTV with 5.1 Dolby digital surround sound. Joygasm! The plan is to finish up volumes 3 and 4 tomorrow, as well as the second movie "Innocence".

And to top it all off James (aka Ash), a good buddy of mine from back in the Asheron's Call days, just IM'ed me out of the blue! I've missed the hell out of those guys...Rothana, Kael, Sri, Athen'a, Ataq, Birch, and the rest. This is an offshoot that broke away from the Paladins, so I haven't heard about Ja'afar or Gyes or Vesper or Vom or any of the others, but apparently everyone on the Traveller side is doing real well! ^_^
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