February 12th, 2005

Tasuki - gimme!

Working Man's Blues

Sorry, everyone...didn't mean to utterly dissappear from the face and the planet and all. Haven't been on AIM in days. Haven't checked email. Haven't been in IRC chats. Or on message boards. And only barely able to keep up with LJ's - in fact, I'm about to go through the last few hundred right now. No, I'm not slinking back into another antisocial "I dare you to come near me" phase. Just been busy. No time. To put it this way, I woke up at six this morning. Now it's 3:30 the following morning, and I'm just getting in. ::groans::

Wish I could have told y'all about it beforehand, especially with it being such a big deal and all. Especialy you, Dani-chan....you in particular have supported me since I got laid off from SPAWAR non-stop, and I was really wanting to tell you in person. Well, on AIM at least. ^_^;

Job's going well so far. Felt a little out of place once, when I was at the battery place down the road dropping off dead batteries to be recycled. Three guys were there. One was wearing a camo Austin 3:16 hat. One was far too dirty for it only being quarter past eight in the morning. The third was only a pair of leather chaps away from being a Hell's Angel. I'm normally the scruffy looking Redneck of any group, but in this one case I was the clean-shaven guy in dress clothes dropping off the power supply of a recently deceased server UPS. Felt just a little backwards....heheh.

Today was also the first day that I had both school and work, and thus the first day that I could go 100% full-blown professional and then switch to fill-blown Redneck within minutes of each other. I was slick and businesslike all day, but once the other students in, the tech guy persona quickly faded away and was replaced by that crazy Alabama guy that they've known for the past six months. When the first few students showed up (with me still being on the clock) their jaws dropped to see me all dressed up and so stone faced serious.

I got Chris good, too. President of the entire company. Lead instructor for our MCSA night class. My new boss. And today when I punched out of work, grabbing my books for the class that was about to start? "Now it's MY turn to sit down for four hours and watch you work!" Everyone burst out laughing except Chris, who chuckled at first and then suddenly stopped and went "HEY!" ::chuckles:: And then, all of a sudden he kept cracking jokes at my expense for the rest of the lecture. Every time he'd mention dial-up connections, there was sure to be an AOL joke of some sort immediately following. All in good fun though....but I'm certain that this'll evolve into one of them stories like the bloody meat throwing or the drunken interviews or waking up in a foriegn country.

For those of y'all lucky enough to be in the Mobile area, I will be at Miso tomorrow. So I'll see y'all there. The rest of you? Take care of yourselves - I'll catch ya when I can. Nash out.
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