January 28th, 2005

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Ten Commandments, Four God's Sky and Earth

So desperately tired last night. Plan was to come home immediately after class, but things warranted my immediate attention and I didn't manage to hit the sack till three or so. Alarm went off at eight. Considering that it can take a full hour before I actually fall asleep, and considering that with all my hormone problems I've usually been getting more than the eight hours that is recommended? Yeah, I was tired. Still am.

But the most awesome thing in the world happened today - I got to go see the Dead Sea Scrolls. Not all of them, of course, but the biggest collection ever seen in America at the same place and same time.

I'm a big fan of museums, whether it's history or science or art. But this was different than any other exhibit that I've seen before. The clay jars and preserved sandals and ropes and such were interesting, but that part was the same as any other interesting museum exhibit that I've ever seen. But the scrolls themselves...it's impossible to put into words what I felt when I saw the actual text of the Bible itself. I know, this wasn't the Ten Commandments carved into stone by the hand of God Himself (though the Ten Commandments were one of the scrolls that was there). And I also know that this wasn't written by Moses - these were copies made by folks afterwards. But still, as a Christian these were not just historical scraps of paper - this was the oldest copy of the Scriptures ever found. These were filled with more meaning than any bone or clay jar or arrowhead. Kind of like living history - it's ancient, but so much a part of who I am and my daily life that it's not distant the way fossils and heiroglyphics are.

Naturally, I can't read Arameic or ancient Hebrew. The only way that I knew what they were supposed to be was from the banners hanging behind each display case, and really reading it there isn't any different than reading them out of the Bible here on my desk. But still, I looked over them, analyzing each scrap almost as if I could decipher some sort of meaning from it. I could feel it in my heart - my chest tightened, and I could feel a warmth spreading through my upper torso. Impossible to explain, but just looking at those pieces of Scripture produced a very noticable physical effect deep inside me. In a word, it was simply incredible. A once in a lifetime experience - I'm so glad that I had an opportunity such as this.

Afterwords, my folks and I all went out to eat somewhere. The teenage cashier asked me and Mom if we wanted two adult buffetts and one senior buffett. Dad was not too pleased. ::headdesk:: Good time though - with Dad's shift work and my night classes, it seems we haven't done a whole lot of stuff as a family as of late. Not as much as we used to do, at any rate, so it was good to get to go off with them for the day. And when we got home, we had a NetFlix movie in the mail: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. VERY good movie that we all thougoughly enjoyed. I have absolutely no idea why people say that was one of the worst movies of 2004; in fact, I'd be willing to call it one of the best. C'mon, pulp era sci-fi? Kick ass...much better than making another remake of some show that was sub-par even when it was on the air...meh.

Nothing beat getting to see the scroll containing the Ten Commandments in person, but after spending the first part of the day viewing that religious text, I spent the remainder of the evening watching my Fushigi Yuugi boxed set that came in the mail today. Even better than I remembered it. Aside from not having seen it in far too long, I got to see the first disc's worth of episodes clearly for the first time ever. (The pathetic 18th generation fansubs that I've been watching up until now were about as low-quality as one could imagine while still being able to read the text at the bottom of the screen. And the first half-dozen episodes were so bad that sometimes you couldn't even do that!)

Not sure how this is going to affect my 70-290 test prep. I need to keep studying, cause my exam is rescheduled for Monday at 2:15pm. I could get away with FY'ing all day today since I was too tired to do much of anything except kick back and watch TV. But now that I'm ten episodes into it...I wanna keep going. I almost always watch FY marathon-style, knocking out all 52 episodes in a day and a half. But I can't do that now. I've got to study. But I think I'll still schedule some time such that I can watch a few eps a night. Maybe that'll give me incentive to come in here, hit the books hard, and finish up book reading self test taking so that I can get to the good stuff afterwards. Na no da!
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CNN breaks Godwin's Law.

"It's not a bad thing that Fox News has better ratings than we do here at CNN. It just means that they're watched by more people. And folks trust them more. And they have better hosts. And better programming. And they make more money. And they're slowly putting us out of business. And...gee, I guess it *is* kind of a bad thing, isn't it? But they're NAZIS! OMFGWTFBBQ!!!1!!!1!one!!! NAZIS, I tell you! If you don't take every possible opportunity to slam President Bush, much less actually have something nice to say about him, then you're as evil as the man who tried to kill of an entire race of people! Left spin good, right spin bad! Left spin good, right spin bad!"

Sore losers, anyone? Heh. And you'd think that folks like them would know better than to violate Godwin's Law. ::shrugs::

Gotta love FNC's comeback though. We wish ya the best, Billionaire Ted.
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