January 26th, 2005

Tasuki - gimme!

God's been good to me again.

The President of Odyssey Networking is teaching our MCSA class. The guy's real on the ball at all times - very organized and orderly. But last class, he accidentally locked his keys in his office, and the someone else had borrowed the spare set that was hidden. We didn't know this - he just poked his head out the door and hollered at us down in the parking lot, asking where each of us lived. James and Kris both answered Saraland, while I replied Semmes. He looked frustrated, but just said "wait" and ran back inside. A few minutes later, he came out again and asked if we were hungry. I replied, "Where are we goin?" Didn't know if it was another informal get-together for drinks at Applebees or something, but as far as I was concerned any plans were better than standing there in the parking lot freezing. He then explained what had happened, and said if someone would drive him back home he'd buy us dinner somewhere on the way. It was a little out of my way, but the other two were headed in the opposite direction entirely. For me, it was maybe another five minutes - only difference is that I'd have to take a different route than what I usually take.

Also, I was lucky that I had Dad's nice truck. I *love* my 454 Silverado, but for someone like Chris I think he'd be far more impressed with the sleek, stylish mini-truck of my Dad's. Not sure why, but I was planning on taking mine to class last night specifically, but then at the last minuted thought it would be somehow better to take the silver truck instead. Didn't know why at the time - just on the spur of the moment I changed my mind. ::shrugs::

All those coincidences out of the way, me and el Presidente were in transit to his place. I drove past several fast food joints, and he asked where I wanted to eat at. I told him he didn't have to bother with buying me anything - I was just happy to help. Then I realized that it was late and he might be hungry, so I offered to stop somewhere if he needed to grab a bite on the way home. He declined, saying that his wife had leftover beans and pork chops waiting for him. That showed it was obvious that he was just going to waste the time and the money just for me. He seemed a little surprised, though I'm not sure why...out of all the folks I've helped like that, he's one of the only ones to offer me dinner for it. Most just kind of take things like that for granted, so the thought was more than enough. In all honesty, I was just happy to be in a position to help.

And as is usually the case, I ended up reaping what I had sewn. On the ride back, he asked me about the things I did at Alabama and the topics covered in my previous classes. He also was talking about how this current class is by far the smartest one he's ever taught. Not sure if it was regular convo (as we were talking about resumes as we were leaving the classroom) or if he was trying to do something to help me out in return for the ride home since I passed on the fast food, but he asked if I had started looking for a job yet. Told him that since the start of the year, I had been looking through the Classifieds and applying to the positions in there that I was qualified for. He told me that it was a good start, but that'll only show maybe 10-15% of what's really out there. So I added that I was also registered on Yahoo HotJobs and Monster and MobileHelpWanted and all the other sites. He then told me that from his perspective, he almost never used those because of the fees and such involved. So naturally, I asked him what all he did use. And now I have a few more good places to pimp out my resume. w00t.

We talked for a little while, and eventually I asked him if I could use him as a referrence on all these applications. He agreed, but then he warned that in situations like this, he could only say that I showed up on time and paid attention and performed really well in the classroom. It's not good for him to say that I'd be a great network administrator or anything, since he's only seen me in the classroom and not in the field. But then he added that this is why he'd love to get me a spot on some of these temp jobs. Uber fucking cool.

It's not a job offer by any stretch. And it's not guaranteed - just something he was thinking about. But he did say that he wanted to get me working on some temp jobs. Maybe that's with Odyssey, maybe just a recommendation to other folks he works with. Doesn't matter. But he not only was talking about helping to hook me up with a temporary computer job, but he said so in the context of doing it to see how well I work out in the field. Again, not sure if that's because he may want to hire me after my classes are completed, or if he'd just pimp me out to other companies that he does site visits for. Either way, it's pretty good news for me.

I suppose there's nothing concrete to really get excited over, but damned if it isn't a big step in the right direction. ^_^
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