January 9th, 2005

Tasuki - Want some?

Anyone surprised?

Not me.

I'm Tasuki!
Which Fushigi Yuugi Character are you, REALLY?

Actually, someone posted a link to a different FY quiz on the Miso forums. I jokingly asked if I even had to take the quiz, but got the following reply:

Yeah! While you may say your one person, you can get the name of another. I'm cosplaying as Yui and she's one of my favorite characters, but I got Chichiri. Actually, if I had gotten Yui I would have been really upset!

Fair enough. Thing she didn't know is that the reason I started using Tasuki avatars everywhere is cause out of all the Anime characters I know about, that one's the most like me and vice-versa. But I decided to take a handful of those quizzes anyways, cause it sounded like fun and there ain't anything else to do this early in the morning.

Not going to post all the results here, but after throwing away the stupid ones that more or less let you pick the character you wanted (by having options that always ended in "no da" or always talked about being pretty or gay or setting things on fire), I got five Tasuki's, two Chichiri's, a Tamahome and a Nuriko. ::grins:: Gotta post some sort of picture though since it's LJ, so I'll link to one of the ones I liked the best.
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