January 3rd, 2005

Tasuki - Want some?


I usually don't do the whole "resolution" thing. In fact, when pressed on the issue I'll make one that I'm almost certain to keep; for example, at Miso the other night I resolved not to massacre an entire bus full of nuns. I suppose there's always the chance, but it's a safe bet that I can go an entire year without doing that. =P

And this past year was certainly different than most. Problem is, most years are pretty good. Only one or two problem areas need tweaking, and those are easily to codify into concrete resolutions to state and try to live by for the next year couple of months however long. But 2004 was the Year From Hell for me over here. About the only way I can reduce all the changes I need to make into resolution format is to simply say "start over and rebuild everything from the ground up." ::shrugs::

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