August 29th, 2003

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doing my part for the googlebomb

(This entry has been backdated, since at the time of the posting my journal was "friends-only" and due to the nature of things, this post has to be a public one.)

From tibstanglewood:

bigoted assholes

To up the chances of swaying Google's search algorithm, it's widely believed you have to do the following:

1) You have to make the words a link to AFA like I did. Like so:

[a href=""]bigoted assholes[/a] but replace the [ characters with < characters

2) You may have to change your LJ user options. One of your user options (under Manage:Info) is to tell indexing spiders such as Google uses to go away. Google respects that command (not all search engines do), so if that's checked off for you the googlebomb attempt won't count. You can still pass it on, though.

3) Obviously, any post has to be public -- Google can't read your page even if you've given it permission if the post is friends-only.

4) You've gotta get your friends to do the same thing -- you can cut and past these instructions if you'd like. It turns out that "bigoted assholes" is a pretty common epithet for fundies, so to get Google to refer to the AFA rather than a site ranting about them it's gonna take tons of links.
Skuld Debugger, Skuld annoyed

Stay Tuned for an important announcement:

Friends Only.

This is a decision that I've been tossing around for quite a while. In the end though, I just don't want to have to deal with any crap. Sure, I have some folks banned from my journal, but the almighty *click* only keeps them from posting. Anyone that feels like it can go on ahead and read whatever I post and talk behind my back and whatever, and I just don't want to have to deal with anything. There's just a handful of people that I just don't want to have access to my innermost thoughts (much less to any part of my life at all). So, as of this post, my journal will only be accessable to those on my Friend's List. This might be permanent. This might be temporary. But for the time being, it is now in effect until further notice.

This won't be any change for most of y'all. I'm sure that most of the people that want to read my journal are already added, and the above comment about "certain undesirables" doesn't apply to any of you already on my Friends List. However, there's always a new face in my comments section every so often, so I do know that I have several guests lurking around. And that's something I like, seeing new people drop by and perhaps getting to know them a little better by us reading each other's journals. To all of you, please reply to this post and I'll more than likely add you. There's over 250 previous posts of mine that are still accessable to the general public. If you like what you read, ask me to add you if you'd like to read more of the same. (And if I know you from somewhere else, like various forums or Anime clubs or MMORPG's or an AIM buddy or "a friend of a friend", then be sure to let me know and I'll be sure to give you the green light.)

A short disclaimer: I reserve the right to deny access to anyone I damn well please, for any reasons (or no reason at all). My journal, my rules - take it or leave it. Trolls, Flamers, Idiots, and other undesirables need not apply. Nine times out of ten there won't be any problems at all, but don't expect me to add you here if you're currently flaming me on another board or something similar. Common sense, really.

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