August 22nd, 2003

Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

Politicans, Pampers, Professors, and Preppiness

Quote of the Day: "Diapers and Politicians should be changed regularly. And for the exact same reason."

Anyway, on to day two with my Physics professor Captain Insane-o! Two days down, and we've still not learned the first thing. ::shrugs:: Man's humorous to watch though. Also, his voice sounds eerily familar...don't know where I've heard it before, but I could swear that I know it from somewhere. Ah well.

Speaking of Physics, it's slightly disturbing to see my professor's name scratched into several of the desktops, and pictures of his effigy being burned alive or sexually molested by donkeys. On the desk where I sat today, in one corner there was "Die, DeSmet! DIE, YOU BASTARD!". The other had "Why me? Why? WHY?". I assume it was at that point when the men with the white coats drug that poor student off to the room with the padded walls. Let's just hope that I fare better than that student did, shall we? ::chuckles:: (Accidentally typed "died" instead of "did", as well as "shackles" instead of "chuckles" just now by mistake. Coincidence, or impending omen of doom? You decide).

World's going to Hell. Just an update, in case none of y'al were paying attention. Myself, I'm about as anti-preppy as humanly possible. (Accidentally typed "anti-pretty just now by mistake. I reckon that's true as well. Today must be the day of the inadvertent Freudian slips or something). The Anime Revolution I have mixed feelings about. On one hand, it's ultra cool that I can just turn on the TV and watch Cowboy Bebop and Tenchi Muyo and the like. Good for the hobby in general, as it'll bring in the next generation of die-hard fans just like Sci-Fi Channel did with it's "Saturday Anime" block a decade ago. On the other hand...Anime's the new fad, and I simply loathe and despise fads. I almost wish it was still an odd underground seldom heard of pasttime rather than it being the "cool" thing for people to be into. ::shrugs::

Thw whole Anime thing doesn't really bother me at all. Just an interesting position that I've found myself in, being really into the thing that's now the hip new thing that's in style. That's not happened to me since the torn-up blue jean style was "cool" back in elementary school. I kept on dressing the same as always, but instead of people making fun of me being so poor there was always holes in my jeans, now everyone was deliberately dressing like me. ::chuckles:: What *does* kind of disturb me is that now trucker hats are in style. Just in walking around campus today, I've seen several people wearing them, almost as many as there were girls wearing that one-shouldered "Catain Caveman" style shirt a year or so back. What's even scarier is that the stylish, preppy companies are making their own trucker hats. It'd be a completely normal sight to see an Alabamian wearing a John Deere hat, but seeing an Amberscrombie and Filch or a Old Navy one is truly bizzare.

Another bizare sight: Today in one of my classes, a black girl came in wearing a "Silly Faggots! Dicks are for Chicks!" T-shirt. Now, I'm not saying anything about censorship - that's not what this rant is about. In fact, I'm extremely anti-censorship, my right to free speech quite dear to me. However, what I found so amusing was that a black person - the one group who cries the loudest about discrimination abd prejudice - was wearing it. It was a highly offensive shirt, and I'm sure any homosexuals that saw her today were quite offended. Doesn't this stupid bitch realize what she's doing? That's the *exact* same thing as me wearing a "Stupid Niggers, Go Back to Africa where y'all Belong!" T-shirt. Something like that would certainly offend her. In fact, I'd likely end up on the evening news for wearing that. Assuming I survived until then without being beaten to death by a mob of angry African Americans, that is. Of course, that would be completely different. It's okay to make fun of gays, but say something about black folks and you're one of the most despicable people out there. The sheer stupidity of some people simply astounds me...

Not much else happened today. Thought about grabbing a poster or two at the sale today, but with only twenty bucks to my name, ten dollar posters are a bit outta my range. Went to the Financial Aid office and got a $300 loan to pay for some of my textbooks, so I won't have to do without. They only had three of the five that I needed though. Bad thing about having to get a loan is that the voucher's only good for the UA Supply Store. Had I not been desperately broke, I woulda bought them much, much cheaper online. Instead, I had to buy three textbooks at a hundred dollars apiece. Yes, this includes the "Used" books that I grabbed whenever available. Bleh. Aside from that, I finally broke down and bought myself a cheap-ass pair of sunglasses. Last good pair that I had I accidentally left in a bar in Tokyo.

Anyways, thas enough for now. I'ma gonna take a nap, cuz I stayed up way too late last night and woke up way too early. And with my hormones being screwed up such that my body can't adapt to the temperature all that well, I'm pretty drained. See y'all in a bit. (-_-)
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Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown


Naptime wasn't nearly long enough. In fact, I never actually got to sleep. I was talking to my baby online for a while there. Then, I finally turned on good ol' Winamp and stretched out on my all-too-noisy bed. Yuki ended up coming back in after three or four songs, startling me back to full consciousness. Sat around and talked about different kinds of music - he wanted to see what all Japanese songs I had on my computer, and was especially tickled to see that I had Yatta! on my computer. Alternatively, he was talling me al lthe music that he listened to; turns out he's really into Green Day and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. He also wanted me to show him how you could listen to songs on the computer, to explain to him what kind of speakers he'd need to buy, and where you download these computer songs from. Alas, another Mp3 music pirate is born. ::chuckles:: Take that, RIAA!

Finally started throwing some decorations onto my walls, now that I have a few thumbtacks to do so with. Normally tacks are highly against Res Life policy - they fine you five dollars for each hole that you pop into the walls. Luckily(?) for me, back when that bastard-ass-monkey Eugene still lived here, he didn't have respect for anyone or anything. He tacked everything into the walls, and changed the posters and such around as he saw fit. His excuse was that he could always spackle the holes up before he left. Never got a chance too, cuz Big John beat the tar outta him and slammed him into a wall. ::evil smirk::

In any case, there's a few thousand tack holes in my walls, and I can simply put new posters up by using the same holes that are already there. My half of the room's looking better now, except for the vertical strip of naked wall where my bookcase usually stands. Looks like I'm gonna have to break down and snag a door-sized poster to stick up there. Didn't have enough cash for anything that large today as I was browsing, so I just grabbed a smaller one for the time being. Now I have a drunk monkey on my wall. Fits in nicely with the Animal House poster that I already have in here...

In an email from our DM, the following was said concerning a potential new group member: "Should be fun. The more the....noise to drown out Taylor." ::chuckles:: Perhaps you'd have to know the guy to trully appreciate that statement, but I found it quite amusing.

First big fat stoopid mistake of the semester. HW #1 for my stats class was simply to make a post on the message boards to make sure that we know where they're at and how to use them. Completely slipped my mind. I went to the page, and saw the boards, but didn't post anything at the time as I was distracted by the damn fire alarm from yesterday. In the back of my mind, I remembered going to the site with the intention of making a post, so I musta falsely "remembered" doing it. Only now did I realize that I hadn't yet, and it was due an hour and a half ago. There went an easy 100 points down the drain. Points I really coulda used, since Elam grades each homework assignment like it's a miniature test. Since the grader's kinda anal about things, it's next to impossible to get 100/100 on one of those things. You're lucky to make 80/100 on a single assignment - in fact, in Stats I my grade was actually *lowered* due to the homework assignments. Quite the opposite of how homework grades work in most other classes. ::bonks self on the head repeatedly::

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Change in Plans

Instead of hitting the Ferg showing of "Matrix Reloaded" tomorrow night as planned, I'll be heading that way for tonight's 9:30 showtime. If anyone want's to go with, meet at 9:00 in the Rose Towers lobby. (Admission is only one dollar.) If anyone's trying to get in touch with me? Tough - I ain't here. Be back around midnight or so!
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