August 20th, 2003

Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

There are Stars in the Southern Sky

I'm blatantly stealing some D&D alignment tests that miwasatoshi has up on his journal. I'm betting on being somewhere between Chaotic Neutral and Neutral Good. I tend to see myself as fairly Neutral, though I definitely tend towards the Good side quite a bit. I've also very Chaotic, but have a few Lawful traits to balance that out a tad.

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Skuld Debugger, Skuld annoyed

Quote of the Night

"Hmmm....What would Mitchell do?"
Tom Servo, MST3K: The Beginning of the End

Anyways, I just couldn't stand the sameness of RT 918b any longer, so I headed on over to Jason's to watch some TV. MST3K, as you can easily guess. Great/Horrible movie, depending on how you look at it. My favorite scene(s) the bots themselves didn't even manage to riff. While driving away from the horrible scene of the mutant locust attack that destroyed the entire town and killed every man woman and child alive, the stock footage in the back winshield showed cars driving in the other lane. Normally this stock footage is okay, but the main characters were driving away from the scene of a massacre that was placed under martial law - no one in or out. ::smirks::

Hall meeting tonight was boring, as always. Same old shit, different RA that's trying to make herself feel all big and important. Yeah, you know you're just doin this for the free room, admit it. You guys really don't do jack shit except change the bulliten board every so often. Here's the highlights of tonight's exciting lecture:
"Do not play stereos during Quiet Hours (which are from 4:30pm till 11:00 am)."
"Do not let your room degenerate into a disgusting, slimy, repulsive hell hole."
"Do not even *think* about trying to come into our building unless you have that sacred little gray piece of plastic that serves as our sole defense against murderers, rapists, and other not-very-nice people."
"Do not piss off us RA's, because we are like gods unto you."
"Do not break the University's stuffs. You might live here, but you don't own shit."
"Do not bring live animals into the dorm room. Yes, this includes your sister."
"Do not be a dumbass and lock yourself out of your room."
"Do not drink beer, unless everyone within a 5-mile radius is of the legal age. And only then only bring as much alcohol as you can personally drink in one sitting; otherwise you will be fined 2.7 million dollars."
"Do not use extension cords under any circumstances. However, you can use surge supressors, which are basically extension cords with even more plugs to overload electical outlets with. Also, it's perfectly legal to hook seventeen surge supressors end to end to end and use that as an extension cord....just as long as you don't use an actual extension cord."
"Do not get the Mogwais wet, or feed them after midnight."
"Do not stay in your room when there's a fire alarm. It doesn't matter if you can't even hear the damn thing, you still better be out of here. However, staying here on the ninth story during a hurricane or tornado is perfectly fine."
"Do not bring the gift of Fire into the building in any way, shape, or form."
"Do not jump out of the windows."
"Do not rape your roommates, or kill them in their sleep."
"Do not do anything remotely fun."

Another lovely semester of living under Big Brother's rules. ::mindlessly chants:: Big Brother loves me. Big Brother is there to take care of me. Big Brother is there for my protection. Big Brother is my friend. I will do anything Big Brother asks of me... (Scary thing is that while half of the rules listed above are complete and total bullshit that I added for comedic effect, several of them are actually rules! Believe it or not.)

Damn if this song ain't depressing. I might just delete it offa my HDD since it always bums me out. Funny thing is, it's not even the lyrics so much - I've heard far worse and it not really reach out and grab ahold of me like this song does. There's just something about the chorus. It's just.......I think "haunting" is the only word that I can think of that really describes it.
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Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

Pop quiz, hot shot:

Who has the best chance of ousting Schwarzenegger in the freak show that the California Recall Election has turned into?

1) "Terrible" Terry Tate,
2) Gary Coleman, or
3) Porn Star Mary Carey?

Inquiring minds want to know!

(Note: If a potted plant, the Oakland Raiders offensive line, Bob Barker, Germany, Fabio, Monica Lewinsky, Skeletor, Mt. T, a balogna sandwich, Spiderman, Alf, Robin Williams, Papa Smurf, Joe Pesci, Satan, Harry Houdini, the Loch Ness Monster, Vanilla Ice, a serious politician, the Easter Bunny, Vegeta, or "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan decide to run, I'll try to add them to the list as they announce their candidacy. Till then, feel free to write in any candidates that you'd like!)
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Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

Before I forget.....

I found this little web gem over the summer. Might be old hat to all of you guys out there, but then again, I wasn't able to keep up with everything over the summer. In any case, I just now thought about it and figgured I'd post it here for everyone to enjoy. ::evil smirk::

Bang Bang Bang!
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