August 13th, 2003

Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

Now with 33% more coolness!

Hey yo - Nash is back! ::smirks::

Just thought I'd say that I'll be back to my old posting habits by week's end, as I'll be moving back up to T-town this Friday. Unfortunately, my fiancee has deleted her journal due to a hack and to a flame war....that really sucks, but perhaps she'll decide to give it another go-round later on.

I've been gone a while, for several reasons. Main reason is that I'm stuck on dialup for the summer. AOL dialup at that. ::groans:: Since LJ is already quite fond of eating my posts, I've found that a slow connection on an unreliable ISP only makes it worse. Not to mention that for the past three months I've been using what I have affectionately dubbed the "Franken-puter"...a box that my brother assembled from the decaying remains of over a dozen other various computers, most of which appear to be from the mid-80's. Anyway, I think you get the idea.

Also, this summer's been kinda rough. My injuries have been acting up, and for a few weeks there I didn't do much but go to classes then come home and lie in bed. The doc put me on some new medicines that my body didn't react well to at first. They worked and all....but I was as crazy as a pet coon for the first three weeks or so. I've never felt so stoned in my life. ::chuckles:: Still get that way a little, but not quite as bad as I'm starting to get used to the new meds. It's only for my nightly pills, so at least I'm not loopy during the day.

Classes were hard, as usual, and that also demanded a good portion of my attention. I've probably studied harder this summer than I have for any of my previous classes. Things have, on the whole, went well. Just busy. I'll post all the not-so-jucy details that I can remember this weekend after unpacking, in case anyone's interested.

Aside from that, I simply needed some time away. Kinda sucks though, cause there were tons of times where I would think of something and be like "Damn, that'd make a cool LJ post". ::shrugs:: Oh well. I'll post again, probably this weekend, and try to sum the summer up as best I can. I reckon it was for the best though. A couple of people said some things to really piss me off (don't worry - none of y'all in my Friends list), and it was in everyone's best interest for me to duck out for a while and hope to slink into obscurity. Now that I'm coming back onto the scene, let's just hope that no one's still carrying around baggage from nearly four months ago...maybe I can slip back in under the radar without anyone causing a scene. Just in case though, my LJ now screens all non-friends. I'll let most of them through, naturally, but if there's something that I just don't feel like dealing with then I won't. Simple as that.

Well, anyway, guess that's it for now. I've been missing you guys, and after I'm settled back in, I'm looking forward to reading up on the posts I've missed and catching back up. And thanks again to miwasatoshi for being so ultra kick-ass cool to check up on me and see where I've been and what I've been up to. You gots no idea how much that means to me. XD

It's good to be back, y'all! ^_^
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Skuld Debugger, Skuld annoyed

Open Letter to all those involved with the SilverSenshi community

(Most of y'all can go on and ignore this. This addresses a very small group of people that frequent a message board elsewhere on the Net. This is for the SilverSenshi crew - they know who they are)

To whom it may concern:

Long story short - I'm not coming back. Let's just get that strait right off the back. No need to try to talk me into anything or presuade me or convince me...just forget about it. Don't waste both of our time. I don't have a problem with most of y'all. But the problems that I do have with certain people are enough for me to cut my losses and walk away from the table. If you can't respect that, then don't bother to read further - just go on back to your blogs or webpages or whatever and kindly leave me be.

For the rest of you still reading? I'll be as honest as I can. You know I ain't the kind to pull my punches.

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