March 26th, 2003

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News at Eleven

So far tonight, I've seen clips of the US soldiers passing out humanitarian aid (food, water, and various other supplies) to Iraqi citizens. I've heard several discussions on how to take Baghdad while minimizing the number of civilian casualties. I've heard stories of how the Navy Seals were able to retake oil wells before Saddam could blow them and cause an ecological disaster.

On the other side of the line, I've heard stories about Iraqi troops dressing as civilians to surprise our troops. I've heard stories about discovering a shipment of US uniforms that they intended to use to get behind enemy lines (or worse, impersonate us and commit war crimes in our name). I've heard stories about them waving the white flag of surrender, and once the US soldiers come in close the Iraqi's open fire. I've seen a video of them parading our POW's around, and seen pictures of people with execution-style bulletholes in their heads. I've heard plenty of other flagarant violations of the Geneeva convention as well.

And to think that all of the peace activists are protesting *against* the United States. Am I the only person who can see that we're not the bad guys here?!?!
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