March 20th, 2003 - Damage Control: Nash's Journal — LiveJournal
Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it, drag it, drop it, zip-unzip it...
But this time it's something actually useful, as oppsed to "What Algerian Porn Star are You?" or another equally as absurd quiz. This one's a psychological evaluation that actually tells ya interesting things about yourself. (Link courtesy of thespacecow. Anyway, here's my results:


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Looks like I'm pretty normal. Only thing I scored high on was "Dependence"....I know, I know, most of y'all are laughing your asses off, knowing that I'm about the most independent guy in the world. But this section also covers getting depressed and feelin bad when others shoot down your ideas, two things that I have been guilty of in the past. Oh well, no one's perfect huh? =P
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There's no way we're going to lose the War in Iraq now...Optimus Prime is on the front lines, leading our troops into battle. ^_^

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