March 18th, 2003

Yuna - happy


I'm happy. And not just because this is the first day in a while that I woke up without being either sick or in immense pain from my neck/spinal injuries. I came in here to log onto a few websites before I started on all the homework that I kinda neglected while I was feeling so ill, and you know what was sitting there by my keyboard?

POCKY!! (Click to zoom in)


I love this stuff. Got hooked on it three years ago when I was taking summer classes in Tokyo. Problem is, you can't find the stuff around here. About the only way that I know of to get any of it is to order it from overseas through a place like J-List, so I've had all of like one box in the past three years. I dunno why thespacecow got some for me - it's not like it's my birthday or a holiday or anything, really - but it was really cool of him to do that. Thanks again, RJ! ^_^
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Black Mage celebration dance

New Poll

Anyone that regularly reads my journal or message board posts knows that I'm quick to cite statistics when someone tries to give me their opinion without backing it up. One of those statistics that I have been using quite a bit as of late was the recent ABC News poll that said that 59% of Americans thought that we should go to war, whether or not the UN was with us. This was from February. Just as an update, I thought I'd let y'all know that they just released the March numbers. I saw on CNN that 66% of Americans were pro-war. The Washington Post released more detailed results on their website. As of right now, 71% of Americans support our President in wanting to remove Saddam Hussein from powe. Instead of me relaying it to you second-hand, let me provide you with the exact data...

Poll: Support for Bush, War Grows
Exact Poll Results

Nothing desperately important, but it does counter one of the anti-war fanatics biggest complaints. Next time one of them tries to tell you that Bush is not representing the average American, or that he isn't even listning to his own people, or any of that jazz? Be sure to remind them that well over twice as many of his constituents are in favor of millitary action than are opposed. According to the Washington Post poll I linked to above, it's nearly three to one. ::smirks::
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