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Blarg. I feel too sick to go to class. Already cut my first one cause I was too nauseated to even move. If I leave now, I can still make the other three though, even if that's the absolute last thing I want to do right now. Oh well, no rest for the weary or the otherwise miserable.

It's so hard to motivate yourself to go to class when your ill. Especially when you know that the entire lecture is already posted to the internet for all of your classes. Hell, I might just stay here and read PowerPoint slides from the discomfort of my own dormroom. Thought the College of Engineering is the hardest one on campus, I suppose it does have it's benefits. ::chuckles::

To keep this from being a completely worthless post, go check out the newest issue of Aikida. Pretty damn funny, or at least it was in my opinion. Maybe not as funny as the Terry Tate one from a few days earlier, but it's still great.

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It seems as if every time I log onto LJ, I find that a few more people have added me to their Friends List. ::smiles:: I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay here. However, I feel that I should say a few things so that everyone knows what to expect, as I recently had a problem with a poster whom I did not recognize trying to stir up some trouble.

This is my personal journal. I write in this because I want to. This is not here for your personal entertainment. If you enjoy it, feel free to put me on your Friends List, but I'm not writing this for anyone's enjoyment. If you do not enjoy reading my journal, then feel free to leave at any time.

I reserve the right to say anything and everything I feel in here. This is my own personal space, and I will not censor myself for anyone. I mainly use this journal to vent when I am angry. As such, I may occasionally say some mean things, or some non-Policitally Correct things or what have you. I may even say things I don't really mean because I am angry at the time and it is my emotions talking rather than my intellect.

If I wanted to have a debate about something, I would post it in the appropriate place, such an a public LJ community or website or message board. My LJ is not a place where I'd like to get into a heated debate. I'm not going to back up every single thing I say with facts, as most of the things I post here are purely my opinion on things. While that would be inappropriate for a public debate, it's more than understandable for a personal journal.

That's not to say that you cannot leave comments here. In fact, I love getting comments. If you enjoy something I post, feel free to say something. If you agree with my opinions on something, I'd certainly love to hear from you. If you disagree? You can still post, but do not try to start a fight. I do not mind people who post here with opposing points of view - in fact, it often forces me to think of new things that I may not have considered before. But I will not get into a heated debate here. At best, I will have a calm, casual conversation. At worst, I simply will not reply.

The one thing I absolutely will not tolerate though is flaming. No one will come here and insult people, whether it is me or anyone else on my Friends List. If you do you will be banned - I've done it before. You are guests here. If you enjoy spending time here, I'm glad that you are having a good time. I don't mind people reading this journal, or else I would have made it private. Just remember to be respectful to everyone else here, or else I will not hesitate to give offenders das boot. If you do not agree with something that I say, either comment respectfully or do not comment on it at all. If you do not like reading *any* of my posts, then feel free to leave at any time.

Anyway, I'm sorry if that offended anybody. I recently had someone blatantly try to start a flame war, and felt that the topic needed to be addressed. That person has since appologised, so there's no hard feelings. I don't want to drive good people away - I almost never have problems with any of you, even when you disagree with me. In fact, I was very surprised to find someone flaming on one of my posts to begin with. Long story short, I will never delibarately try to offend any of you, though I will not censor myself for any of you either. That being said, I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay here. I often post silly news articles or links to games or movies or those online quizzes - it's not always me venting about something that pissed me off. Just thought I'd let everyone know what to expect. ^_^

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I've been debating various aspects of the upcoming Iraq war for a while now over on the SilverSenshi forums, so I don't really feel like making a long, drawn out post here about what I believe and why I believe it, et cetra. Plenty of time for all that later. However, as it's now all but official I feel that I should post at least a little something. I'll add my two cents later on (when I don't have quite so much homework or am feeling quite so sick). For now, I just thought I'd link to an excellent post by miwasatoshi concerning why America is going to war, as well as an entry from the oftheday community.

Reasons for War

Thoughts on Peace (kind of a continuation of the first post)

Pro-War Propoganda of the Day (humorous pics from a pro-war rally, as well as some interesting quotes)

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Good job, I'd say. He made a clear case for his side, and gave plenty of facts to support his arguments. Most wars do not have UN backing. We have the ability to wage war on anyone whom we believe to be a danger. Specifically, there are two resolutions still in effect that permit us to use millitary action against Iraq. The now famous resolution 1441 was unanimously voted on, and Iraq failed to comply. Congress approved the President back in the fall, giving him their concent to go to war. Yet, instead of starting the war then, he spent nearly 5 months in the UN trying to gather support. Even now, he has given Saddam 48 hours to go into exile before the bombs drop. We are not in this alone - there's nearly three dozen countries with us that are giving up support. Not verbal support, but material support in the way of weapons, soldiers, equiptment, and so on. Perhaps most importantly, he reiterated how he had no intentions of hurting the Iraqi people, only the military. Even as far as the military is concerned, he said that they were after Saddam - if the millitary did not try to fight back, they wouldn't fight them either. They just want to remove Saddam from power such that Iraq can be disarmed. Bush has done everything in his power to solve this without a war. Now there are no more options left, and it looks like there's 47:30 left on the clock before the war begins.

As far as Iraq's millitary is concerned? Three of our tanks took out 47 of theirs in the last Gulf War. They are an underequipped group of fighters with little to no morale. While some will fight until the end, several don't want to fight at all. To prove this point, a group of soldiers *already* tried to surrender to British forces during a live fire exercise. I'm hoping that Operation Shock and Awe goes according to plan, and this whole thing will be over in a week or two. I think our troops outnumber theirs somewhere on the order of 5:1 if I'm remembering correctly...hopefully we'll be able to go in there and make things right, and not drag this thing out any longer than it has been already.
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Just because every other journal on the planet is talking about President Bush and the pending war with Iraq, I thought I'd be a nice guy and post a little something to take your mind off your troubles for thirty seconds or so:

Video of the Miller Girls' Superbowl Catfight commercial

"Who wouldn't want to watch that?!?" ^_^

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