March 13th, 2003

Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

I hate being sick


I'm sweating, so I think I got a fever. I feel extremely nautious, and my throat is extremely sore. I've had the sniffles since Saturday or so, and a slightly sore throat since Monday, but now I've got it full blast. I *hate* being sick.

Also, Murphy scores another victory today. Y'all probably already know that I should have graduated this semester if it were not for two stupid classes from last semester. However, I accepted this and moved on, only to find out in my advising today that the world is shit. Turns out that I only have three classes left - Math 300, Physics 106, and GES 257. However, Match 300 is not being offered this fall. BAH! Okay, okay....I'll just take it during the summer. WHAT? It's not offered in the summer either? NARG! AAERRHYRHRHRGRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

Okay, so I have to pass all of my classes this semester. I'm already doing very badly in Cal III, and do not expect things to get much better due to having the same asshole as before. It's going to be bad enough to swing Cal III and (hopefully) a job of something kinda-sorta-partialyl related to my field in some way, shape, or form. I'm done with all my CS major classes, so I don't know why they wouldn't hire me - all I have left to finish up is my classes for my math minor. Next semester I'll be taking Calculus-based Physics II and it's accompanying lab, a calculus/statistics based General Engeneering Science class, and that's it. I have nothing else left to take. I need Math 300, but it simply is not being offered. The next step is to beg/plead for them to accept an alternate 300- or 400-level math in it's place. Good thing is that this has happened before. Bad thing is that this is the Mathematics department. Most of them there are assholes, and they've historically not been all that flexible. Even if I get this "best case scenario", I'll have to take a harder math than the one I originally needed in order to still graduate. I am Jack's total lack of surprise. It's looking like it will be DiffEQ II...which is very lovely, since I did not like differential equations when I had to do them in Cal II, and I have not taken the first part of that course, DiffEQ I.

Anger. Fury. Rage. +4 to STR and CON, +2 to Will saves for (3+CON bonus) number of rounds.

Only good part of my day was that upon checking mu email, I saw that I had a Private Message from the Silver Senshi forums, a set of anime-related messageboards that I have been frequenting since mid-January. I rarely get PM's, so I didn't know what to expect. I logged in to see this sitting in my Inbox:

"I just read your multitudinous, WAY intelligent factly statements in the pledge thread and I just want to tell you that I think you are absolutely right and that you just rock. Hehehehe...and THANKS SO MUCH for saying what I can't quite get out.

Nashie, you're just cool!"

That really made my day. I'm starting to be notorious for posting on their "Issues" forum, debating topics like the War on Terror, Michal Jackson, the Pledge of Allegiance, and just about everything else. I've had several people tell me in the chats that they all want to me my new best friend, and now I get this PM'ed to me. ::smiles:: While half of me wishes that this was posted onto the boards themselves such that my critics could have seen it as well, I'm still touched to hear people compliment me like this. It doesn't happen often at all, I can tell ya that much. Aside from my mother and my fiancee lavender_moon, I rarely see them at all.

Anyway, that's enough for now. Knight Rider is about to come on. ^_^
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