March 6th, 2003

Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

Today's discoveries and the obligitory rant.

Well, kind of a cold, dreary, boring-ass day today. Spent most of it so far finishing up a Stats assignment that's due today at 4:00. Right now, actually, now that I glance down at my clock.

Anyway, discovered two new things that I didn't know on the way to turn in th assignment. While dropping off more bills (ug) at the post office, I noticed a commotion going on in the game room. The game room at the Ferg, for those of y'all unfortunate enough not to live in Tuscaloosa, basically has full-length windows instead of an outside wall. As I was walking past the building, heading back for MIB to give my prof the assignment, I saw half a dozen asian girls and two or three guys all hanging around in a tight group. Noticing all that motion out of the corner of my eye, I naturally glanced over to see what all was going on. Didn't see any arcade game or air hockey table or anything, but after a moment I noticed the familliar tic-tac-toe shaped pattern on the floor.

Yeah, we got a DDR arcade machine in the Ferg. ^_^

I don't know why I'm fascinated with that game. The only time I've actually ever played it was when I was in Tokyo. And I'm not likely gonna play it here, despite here being one right across the street from my classes. (Ain't got enough money to be blowing quarter after quarter in arcade machines). I dunno, it's kinda like karaoke...if can be fun when you're hanging out with all your friends and you've all had just a little bit to drink, but no one's really any good at it and the fun part is just laughing at each other's screwups. But, I guess it's cool that we've got one.

Second thing I noticed is why sometimes my battery occasionally dies. On the way back home from the bank it started to drizzle. Normally I'd put my lights on, but I talked myself out of it because there wasn't nobody else on the road and I was 30 seconds away from my apartment. Anyway, I locked the door and shut it behind me, and started to head to the Towers when I noticed that my taillights were on. I know that I didn't turn them on, because I was specifically telling myself that I wasn't going to. Apparently my knee somehow grazes the headlight knob when I crawl down outta my truck, and does so hard enough to turn on the lights but not hard enough for me to feel it. Hmm, no big problem, but I guess it's good to know so that I'll be more careful. Also, it partially justifies my paranoia of always running out to the parking lot to see if my lights are on. ::chuckles::

And for the rant of the day. Whether it's a LJ entry or a message board post, I gotta bitch about something it seems. Today's topic is Black History Month. No, this isn't the argument that you're probably expecting, about how every other race has their own month except white folks. I personally think it's racist, but I'm not gonna complain about that here. What I'm bitching about today is the University of Alabama and their damn bullitin boards. They turn almost every one into a shrine to black history during the month of February. Actually, they put up the Black History Month decorations around my birthday, which is a full two weeks before February starts. First off, it's kinda silly that they turn 90% of the boards into black history month boards. Some, sure, but why do they make a point of doing that to almost every board on campus? Secondly, they don't know when to stop. They put the things up in the second or third week of January, and leave them up until we get out for the summer. I kid you not.

I know that they are *extra* careful not to step on anyones toes, especially after the whole "schoolhouse door" thing. But be reasonable people. If y'all take them down now, then that'd be okay. Even though black history month has lasted seven weeks thus far. But for the love of God take them down eventually. You don't still see Valentine's Day posters up, do you? It's bad enough that we don't get veterans day or presidents day or mardi gras off - aside from spring break, the only day we get off all semester is MLK day. You can take down the "I have a Dream" posters without it being racist, I promise you.