March 2nd, 2003

Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

Funniest Commercial(s) in the History of Man

You just gotta love "Terrible" Terry Tate. I know, I know...maybe I'm just another brainless consumer falling for a clever marketing gimmick. But then again, I haven't bought a new pair of shoes since '98 and ain't going to run out and get me a new pair of Reeboks so ha!

There's thousands of humorous commercials out there. Most start off as amusing, and by the second or third time they're already old. This, however, has to be the coolest commercial in the history of the world. Not only does it never get old, but it has me checking back there every week or so to see if there's a new commercial out yet. And for someone who's always complaining about how people shamelessly plug their products, that's sayin sumthin.

Anyway, if you haven't yet experienced the joy that is Triple-T, then do yourself a favor and watch all of these promos at the Terry Tate site. It's just plain funny.
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