February 28th, 2003 - Damage Control: Nash's Journal — LiveJournal
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Yyyyyup, it's week eight - exactly halfway through the semester. So far, classes have been rough, but I've been tougher. No grade so far in Cal III, the only class I'm truly anxious about. Haven't got the test back in 480 either; 480, of course, being the second hardest class of the semester. Other than that though I'm doin all right.

Don't exactly know what I think about this semester. Between taking the most dreaded class in all of the CS-required ones, as well as three math classes, it's not an easy semester by any means. However, as I've already completed ECE 481, there's no lab work for that. None of the math classes have labs.....well, Matrices does, but we do that during the class period. CS 491, despite being a CS course, seems to be more about the algorithms than the applications, and I don't think we're going to have a project in that class either. If any, then at the finale of the semester. So, for taking such a hard semester I have a surprising amount of free time. Part of this is taken up by the research project that I volunteered for, but even after that I've got more time on my hands than usual. It's a welcome break - after being bombardedwith so much math, a few extra hours per day is much appreciated. ::smiles::

ALmost time for my one o'clock class. See you fellas later!

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