February 27th, 2003

Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

8......9........10......that's it, folks! Unrelenting Pain wins by K.O.!

Today was uneventful to say the least. I went to bed, but couldn't sleep. Ended up waking up to go fix me a glass of chocolate milk (I don't know why, but it seems to help), only to finish waking up and realize that there hasn't been groceries in the apartment for a month or so. I feel like Tyler Durdon, looking into the refirgirator full of condiments but no food. While I was up anyway, I was browsing web pages. Again, I know that reading isn't the best thing in the world if you're trying to sleep, epsecially reading things on a brightly illuminated screen, but it's what I do till I can doze off again. RJ came in around 2:30, having went to a concert and the deli and spending the rest of the time in the computer labs. Bet he was surprised to see me up...the way I work, either I have to call it off at a certain hour and go home and go to sleep, or I pull an all-nighter and simply do not sleep at all. Not much middle ground for me.

Anyway, test this morning at eleven. Didn't go as well as I'd hoped, and I wasn't able to get the notes from Jeremy beforehand, but I still think I did okay. HArd to tell though...when the tests only have 5-7 problems on them, it's easy to do bad on a test even when you know most all of it. Only getting partial credit on a problem can still knock you down an entire letter grade. And people wonder why the College of Engineering has the highest Highest incoming freshman ACT scores, but the lowest number of A's earned while in college. Unlike schools like the Education college (+167%) or the C&BA folks (+98.4%), the Engineers have 5.5% *fewer* A's than they did in the early 70's. In fact, amongst all the rapid grade inflation, the College of Engineering is the only school experiencing deflation.

Well, after that I got a yummy quesadellia from Tortillia Fresca in the Ferg, and read the paper. After that, my CS class was interesting, but my neck which had been hurting all day was starting to give out on me. It was hard to hold up the weight of my head, and as a result my head was bobbing around like I was either drunk or starting to nod off. At two, it was raining. Didn't want to walk home in that mess, so I hid in the MIB labs. Was planning on doing my Stats homework, but (surprisingly) there were so many people in there that it was kinda cramped. Too noisy for my tastes, so I kinda jsut killed some time and looked at various webpages. After printing out the assignment and realizing that it was one that could be done from my home computer (i.e., no MINITAB problems), I headed back for Rose. It's about 3:00 or so....I'll be lazy till around five or so. Then I'll run over to Jason's and drop off that game that he wanted to borrow, and then drive back to the labs. Since it was after five, I could steal one of them green faculty-only parking spots without punishment, so I could do my work there instead. I seem to get less destracted there than other places.

Next thing I know, I vaguely remember RJ telling me that I looked like shit before briefly complaining about having to make a stop by Rose for something and leaving. The next thing I know it's almost 8:30.

Apparently, when I sat down on the bed to pull off my boots, the pain finally got to me and literally knocked me out. I was unconscious for most of the evening.

Well, I promised Jason I'd bring him that game either last night or tonight, so I rushed out there before nine cause I know he goes to bed early sometimes cause he has to get up early for work. He wasn't there, so as much as I normally hate to bother his mom (at an hour that's kinda late for older folks), I dropped them off with her. She said he'd be back in a minute, but I still had yet to start on tomorrow's homework, so I couldn't stay and chat.

Despite the siren-like call of the huge flashing "Hot doughnuts Now" sign, I amazingly resisted the urge to grab a box of K.K.'s and went back to Rose. Not sure why I was originally thinking about going to the labs...I usually have to because there's problems that need to be done on MINITAB, but this assignment was in Excel so I could do it from Rose. Also, there was a mob in there earlier...must have an IE project due tomorrow or something. Long story short I felt like so much shit that I jsut hopped in the shower and let the hot water beat on my spine. I often do that when no one else is here, no one to complain about me using up all the hot water or having to wait for me to get out before they can use the bathroom themselves. As soon as I got out, Laura called, and I ended up collapsing on the bed and talking to her up until now.

Long, boring, and pointless, but then again half of my entries are. I'm going to drink a glass of milk and pop my nightime pills, and prolly watch Bebop cause I'm up and it's on. After that I'll be in bed, and have to do all my Stats to get done by 4:00pm tomorrow. That, and I *really* need to get finished up with that presentation for my Digital Security research group. ::yawn:: Busy day tomorrow.
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Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

I Bet it All on a Good Run of Bad Luck...

Yeah, that's how I pretty much feel right now. Sometimes when the cards are laid down on the table, you simply come up short.

Earlier this semester, I made sure I took ECE 480 tis time aroung because Jeremy was as well. We worked together well last time, and wanted to team up together. Of course, this means that I was forced to take Cal III at 8:00am - the only other section was during the timeslot that 480 was in.

So, I took a gamble. I changed my schedule around so that Jeremy and I could tag-team together and kick the ass of all the projects that came down the line. Didn't think much of it at the time, cause both math classes were the same, except for the misery of waking up so damn early every day.

Long story short, the Cal III section that I ended up in was Davis's. Kinda like playing russian roulette - no way to tell any of the different classes apart, but there was a one in four chance that I'd get the wrong one. Meanwhile, me and Jeremy did get grouped together for 480. It was too late to redo all of my classes again for a second time, especially since if I left Jeremy would be on a team by himself (instead of the normal four-person teams, Jeremy and I were on a two man one).

Today, I got an email from Jeremy. Sounds like he reinjured his back, and will need surgery. As he and I have similar problems with our respective spinal columns, I can surely sympathise with the pain he must be in. Bad thing is that he's having to take a medical withdrawl from all of his classes this semester. That leaves me in ECE 480 without a partner, and leaves me stranded in Davis's hellhole of a Calculus class as well. I hope Jeremy gets better soon, but right now I'm having to deal with my own suffering - only these sufferings are academic in addition to physical.

Also, my Mom's in surgery right now. I hope they're able to fix up all the things that's been hurting her. She's been having pains since before the Iron Bowl, so it'd be great if they can fix everything up. Hope you're doing okay Momma; I'll be thinking about you, and I'll call later on tonight (even though you'll prolly be too doped up to talk) and again this weekend. Get Better, dammit! We miss you...
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Black Mage celebration dance

Good News

Mom's surgery went okay. Despite just coming out of surgery and the drugs wearing off, she still says that she feels much better now than she did just two days ago. Also, they were able to remove the cysts through the three tiny holes that they poked in her to get the camera and tools down in there for the exploratory surgery. If it was really bad, they'd have to pull out the camera, dig a deep gash into her, and then operate like normal. However, since the cysts haven't spread to any other organs or anything, they were able to snip the bad part off and bring it out through the holes already there.

She's already at home, re-doping herself back up and crashing in my bed (because it's the only non-waterbed in the house). She has to stay off of her feet for the next two days, and for a week or two after that she still isn't supposed to do any strenuous activity, but otherwise she'll be okay.

Hardest thing now is to remind her that the doctors said for her not to be left alone for the next two or three days. Mom hates folks being around when she feels bad, but the doctors' said that she needed someoen there to fetch things for her and make sure she didn't more around much. =P
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