February 14th, 2003

Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

Better Late Than Never, Right?

I reckon I better go on and make that post about last weekend that I promised ya'll earlier in the week. You know, since it's THURSDAY? And since tomorrow is V-day, I'll have lots more fun stuff to talk about coming back from three days with lavender_moon. Either that or I'll be cramming for them tests I got Monday and Tuesday...eh.

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Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown


One more class to go, and it's off to Mobile for me.

Happy Valentine's Day, baby - I'll be there in a couple of hours. ::smiles::
Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

Phillip Bradford, you da man!

Just got back from my Computer Security class. Before I head for home, I just wanted to say that Dr. Bradford has got to be one of the coolest prof's I've had, right on up there with Dr. Vrbsky and Dr. Brown.

Before I left T-town for the funeral, I sent a mass email to all of my professors letting them know I'd be out of town for most of the rest of the week. In that email, I specifically asked that the two professors who were giving tests that week to please email me back to let me know what I have to do to make up the exams. Of the six professors mailed, I only got one response. Dr. Bradford was the only one to email me back, despite the fact that nothign was going on in his class excapt lectures, and there was nothing I'd miss or have to make up.

Upon my return to class on Friday, he stopped to ask me if I was doing okay before he even unlocked the classroom door. Even today in class, he pulled me aside before he started the lecture to ask if I was going to be able to take his test on Monday. In case you've forgotten, that will be exactly two weeks after Timmie passed away. By comparison, I had to take my Stats test the day I got back. Left Tuscaloosa and went to the visitation on Wednesday, went to the funeral on Thursday and made it back to the dorms around 9:30pm that night, and took his test the next mornign at 10:00am. (By the way, I know Mom and Pam were both worried that I wouldn't do well on that exam. I got it back Wednesday and it turns out that I made a 92. I missed six points on stupid stuff, but since I still got an "A" on the test I rekon that y'all don't have to be worried anymore...)

Dr. Bradford even made sure to meet with me in his office to double-check and make sure that I wasn't too far behind. Besides reviewing things I needed to know for the class, he aslo was asking personal questions, like how Timmie died and things like that. He also said that if I wasn't clear on anythign while studying this weekend, just to email him and he'd call me back - long distance, I might add - to explain things to me. (In class, he said that he'd try to email people back if they had questions, but could make no guarantees.) Maybe I'm just too impressed with the simple things, the fine details. But to me it's the little things that matter most. Kind of like my last post, where I was so impressed that a friend of mine went through a lot of extra effort just to entertain me.

Most professors are assholes that just care about their jobs. They go and lecture and usually don't care if the students actually understand or not. It's not too often when you come across a professor (or an employer, or anyone else in a similar position) that actually cares about their students/employees/etc. For that reason, I wanted to make sure I gave a good man some credit when it's due. Human nature is such that the good things often slip their minds, while they vividly remember the bad things. Like Shakespeare said in Julius Ceasar, "For the evil men do live after them, and the good is often interred with their bones." I always try not to be like that in my own life, and make sure to recognize decent people when they deserve some credit.

Anyway, I better go - time's a wastin, and there's a hot girl just waitin for me down by the bay. See y'all Monday! ::smiles::
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Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

One more micro-rant before I take off...

Cartoon network pulled the scheduled episode of Cowboy Bebop for Wednesday ("Wild Horses") and slapped another one in it's place ("Waltz for Venus"). Why you ask? Because at the very end of that episode, the space shuttle Columbia flies in to save the day.

Before you get all pissy about how I'm so insensitive and how an Anime is more important to me than the lives of seven astronauts....that ain't it. In fact, I've been looking forward to the Columbia episode in particular since the tragedy. Honestly, I doubt that most people even remembered that it was the Columbia that was featured in the show; likely, people just remembered that it was a space shuttle. Personally, I wanted to see that episode because it reminded me of what the Columbia and it's crew were like before the accident. I would much rather remember them as pioneering adventurers, eploring the heavens above than I would remember the ten seconds of CNN footage that they have been showing constantly since then. I want to see the shuttle as it was in it's glory days, not the fireball or the trail of smoke or the random pieces strewn abour Texas.

Long story short? All of this PC bullshit pisses me off. I think it's aburd, and CN's decision to pull that one episode out of the Adult Swim lineup is yet another example of this kind of stupidity.

OK, I'm really gone now. Happy V-day, everybody!
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