February 2003 - Damage Control: Nash's Journal — LiveJournal
Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it, drag it, drop it, zip-unzip it...
01:19 am: ((no subject)) - 3 flames
05:39 am: It's Saturday morning!
03:21 pm: I feel sick...
02:58 pm: Six more weeks of Winter - 1 flame
03:08 pm: Hmmm...
06:27 pm: ((no subject)) - 1 flame
09:39 pm: Fire up the Band...
01:01 am: OK, study time over. Sleep time now.
06:14 am: No, he's not a pervert....Of course not.
07:24 am: ::sniff::
08:46 am: This can't be happening. - 1 flame
11:36 pm: Of Wolf and Man
12:00 am: Thought the interview was bad?
12:14 am: *YAWN*
01:42 am: What's wrong with me? - 1 flame
03:09 am: Sleepy? Nah, not really...
03:15 am: Last week
07:52 pm: Wow...learn something new every day.
04:25 pm: Guardians: Swimsuit Edition - 5 flames
07:47 pm: Crab vs. Pipe - 2 flames
09:24 pm: Was there ever any doubt?
06:57 pm: Bah, I wanted to be Saionji... >_
08:15 pm: Wanna hear sumthin funny? - 1 flame
01:01 am: Better Late Than Never, Right?
12:07 pm: Yee-haw
02:17 pm: Phillip Bradford, you da man!
02:57 pm: One more micro-rant before I take off... - 6 flames
04:26 pm: The quickest way to a man's heart is through his breastbone - 2 flames
08:39 pm: Halftime
10:12 pm: Oh yeah...
11:10 pm: I don't know what the hell this is.... - 4 flames
12:24 am: Shameless Plug
11:21 am: New PGP Public Key
03:24 pm: Day #1130 and counting....
04:14 pm: BAH! - 2 flames
06:59 pm: It's almost 7:00
05:54 pm: Can't keep a good man down. Or keep one from posting.
07:20 pm: Maverick 1, Mousey 0. - 3 flames
10:19 pm: ::sighs::
04:34 pm: Best. Session. EVER!
09:21 pm: There's a quiz for just about everything these days...
04:03 pm: France Surrenders. - 4 flames
12:09 am: 8......9........10......that's it, folks! Unrelenting Pain wins by K.O.!
12:21 am: Yup, another Anime quiz...
03:05 pm: ((no subject))
03:22 pm: I Bet it All on a Good Run of Bad Luck...
06:23 pm: Good News - 2 flames
12:35 pm: Halftime Score: Maverick 21, Classes 17.

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