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Wind chill was seven degrees this morning. Yes, SEVEN. Apparently Hell itself must have frozen over, cause that's not right to live this deep in the South and have weather that cold...

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Yeah, you know who I'm talkin bout, Matt Elam.

You say you want us to turn in the HW on the days we don't have class, instead of just giving us the extra 16 hours and letting us turn it in at the beginning of class. I can deal with that, even though it's pretty pointless.

What really ticks me off is how you wouldn't accept my assignment. I did the work on the computer (half of it needed to be done in Excel anyway), and I emailed it to ya. That what 90% of folks do when they have assignments due during non-class hours. Especially CS majors - I email in so much of my howework and projects and such that it's rare to actually bring printouts to class.

Anyway, I email him his homework, then try to make it back to the dorms without dying of hypothermia. I have always hated the cold, and now that I have joint problems and that my hormones are fucked up enough that they can't easily regulate my body temperature, extreme cold is nearly unbearable. Just as soon as I make it home, I get an email saying that he isn't going to accept emailed homework. I need to walk back out through the Arctic wastelands of Tuscaloosa Alabama and print it out, just so I can walk down one flight of stairs and hand it to him. Doesn't make the least bit of sense. Maybe teacher's salaries are so tight that they can't afford to spend an extra $0.02 on paper to print out assignments. Since the CS department gives them computer paper fo free, that's obviously not the case - he's simply too damn lazy to spend 30 seconds of his life hitting CTRL+P and printing them out himself. Grrr.

So, I trudge back out there, my face and hands now red enough from the biting wind to appear sunburned. Good thing I BCC'ed the email back to myself. I log onto the lab's computer, and guess what? Hotmail ate my attatchments. I had the email, but nothign was attatched to it. Bah. So, I emailed Elam again, and asked him if he would mind emailing me my homework so that I could print it out and walk downstairs to hand it to him. Yes, I used those exact words to show him just how silly the whole situation was. I got an email back from him an hour later (at 3:57) that he had deleted the mail, but lucky for me, BamaMail keeps deleted mail for a short while. Lucky for me? I turned in my assignment nearly three hours ago. Bitch.

Well, I had only three minutes to download, print, staple, and run down a flight of stairs and to his office. I turn the corner to hand him my papers and look him sternly in the eye. Guess what? He wasn't there. There was a manilla envelope taped to the door, and it said to slide the Homework in there. Am I the only one who sees this as ironic? The whole reason I had to spend an hour and a half running around in the cold is because I couldn't do my work from the computer and mail it in. But when I go to his office, he's not there! He's at home watching TV, and replying to emails during the commercials! Apparently, I can't do my work unless I can physically hand it in, but he can work just fine from his house. You suck, Mr. Elam. You truly suck.

Well, all's well in the end I suppose. Probably would have looked neater if I had of written it instead of typing it all (due to summation symbols and the like), but at least the bitch has to accept it now. Nothing really all that major, but it irked me royally.

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"Below Zero Wind Chill Values Expected Tonight Through The Mid-Morning Hours On Friday."

This just ain't right. Somewhere there's gotta be an evil mad scientist sucking the world's heat out with an oversized device of some sort. BELOW ZERO? What the hell?
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