January 2003 - Damage Control: Nash's Journal — LiveJournal
Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it, drag it, drop it, zip-unzip it...
11:32 pm: Ohio State 31, Miami 24
12:51 am: ((no subject)) - 1 flame
01:02 am: News Flash
07:46 pm: ((no subject)) - 2 flames
01:06 pm: Good movie. Go watch it.
02:14 pm: I'm, like, all famous and stuff... (Yeah, right!)
02:19 pm: OMFG - 3 flames
03:09 pm: Grrr....
04:11 pm: What kind of Otaku are You?
09:01 am: No. Please God, No....
02:20 pm: Maybe it's not such a bad day after all
12:14 pm: Just gotta love X-E!
02:53 pm: Today in the news...
03:44 pm: Gotta love cryptography
04:34 pm: Quizzes
08:17 pm: ((no subject))
10:21 pm: Solitude.
03:25 pm: January sucks.
09:44 pm: ((no subject)) - 1 flame
03:19 pm: Anti SUV Jihad
09:26 am: Another trip around the sun.
02:31 pm: It's a really cool guy's Birthday today!!
09:19 pm: Happy Robert E. Lee Day!
12:50 pm: Bleh
02:07 pm: Is this good?
02:09 pm: My Weekend
04:46 pm: Worst. Roms. EVER. - 3 flames
08:11 pm: Círdan Ancalimë - 1 flame
12:19 am: First I'm a celebrity, now a role-model? I'm flattered... - 1 flame
10:14 pm: I'm Blue (da ba dee, da ba dah...) - 1 flame
03:01 pm: Holy Mother of Pearl it's cold out there!!!
04:16 pm: Fuck You, buddy... - 1 flame
04:35 pm: Freeze Warning: - 1 flame
03:24 pm: Stupidness of the Day
03:15 am: Net's not working?
03:24 am: News from Slashdot
01:03 pm: Of Bezerkers and Battleaxes
03:59 pm: I want.... - 3 flames
11:30 am: In case anyone's interested, here's the article about the recent Internet stoppage.
12:38 am: I dub thee Sir Phobos! Knight of Mars! Beater of Ass!
08:41 pm: Share the Wealth
09:02 am: State ::claps:: of the ::claps:: Union ::claps some more:: - 1 flame
03:47 pm: NARG!!!
04:07 pm: Can I Buy a Vowel? - 1 flame
06:52 pm: Now THAT'S a Good Idea! - 5 flames
05:02 pm: Cause it's Friday, and I'm in a surprisingly good mood. ^_^
05:15 pm: Quick post before my Shadowrun game...

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