December 6th, 2002

Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

Yet another boring night programming

Stuck in the Houser lab yet again. However, unlike Project 1, we're almost through this time. Sandra typed up the lab report, Jeremy and the Chadzter finished up the top level design, and Nick and I tested each of the functions personally to make sure they were firing on all eight cylinders, so to speak. All that's left are to tie up some loose ends, generate a few more waveforms and timing diagrams and .mif files, finish up the last few sections of the report, and throw this bad boy down on the desk and cry out "Who's your Daddy, Jackson!!"

Oh yes, it will be a sweet moment indeed.

However, it's been fairly...odd...being in the lab all this time. I feel like I'm trapped in a rerun. As of late, the days have been beginning to smear together into one unidentifiable mass. So many hours for so many days sitting in the exact same spot talking to the exact same people doing the exact same thing will do that to you, I suppose. It's even worse since it's "Dead Week". Most people have been pulling all nighters. That being the case, almost everyone I've seen in the past two days has been wearing the exact same clothes. It's like Deja Vu all over again.

We're all pretty ragged by this point, but none more so than Jeremy. Poor fella hasn't slept in three nights; tonight will be the first time his head he's been horisontal since Tuesday morning. He's been living off of coffee, No-Doz, and sugar laden snackage from the vending machine downstairs, and because of that, his hands have been shaking the entire time I saw him tonight. The only thing odder than that is his beard...the boy's been clean-shaven for as long as I know him, but not for the past few days. I suppose that's what you get when you try to take CS 415, CS 470, and ECE 480 all in the same semester (on top of whatever non-computer classes he has).

Luckily though, we're almost there. So close we can taste it now. Unfortunately, the final for this class is the very first one - Monday at 8:30 am. That being the case, all this weekend will be devoted to this class and the preperations for the exam, so there's no time to pause and catch our breaths. In fact, now that we're breaking for the night, most of us are going to meet with other groups and continue working on those projects. Yes, at 1:45 in the morning. Nick's heading over to another computer lab since this one's closing at two (despite it being a full two hours after it's supposed to lock down for the night). He must be a TA or something, cause he's got a key. Sandra is going home to type. Since she's working on the report, that can be done on any computer since it doesn't require the Altera Max+Plus II software, just MS Word. Chad is leaving to go work on his CS 415 project. I think only Jeremy and I are actually about to go to sleep. Jeremy has certainly earned it; however, I feel somewhat lazy knowing that I'm just going to sleep for the hell of it. Oh well, I suppose it'll be okay just this once. ^_^

Guess that's it for tonight. Time to go see what the rest of the world has been up to since this afternoon, and then catch up on all the sleep I missed from last night. Well, at least until 8 am when I have to be back here in the labs picking right back up from where we left off tonight. See y'all tomorrow, LJ-land!
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Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

But there is no joy in Mudville - mighty Casey has struck out.

Turns out that you can miss a lot when you're stuck in a lab, isolated from the rest of the world. Fran sold out. Coach Franchione is now the head coach at Texas A&M.


I don't know whether to be pissed or dissapointed. Fran was dedicated to the Tide. He has said over and over again that his goal is to turn this program around and have us competing for the National Championship once again. In response to these rumors earlier in the season, he told everyone that he's staying in Tuscaloosa. When these "rumors" first came up earlier this season Director of Athletics Mal Moore said that "Coach Fran has stated repeatedly to us and to the public he is where he wants to be. And, I can reassure you no one supports Coach Fran, his staff and the football program more than I do."

This fucking sucks.

Fran sold out, plain and simple. The dollar signs got too big, and he gave in. Although Fran is one helluva coach and his departure is obviously going to hurt the program, that's not the worst thing. Personally, I wouldn't have signed a contract with someone I wasn't committed to, or at least would have signed a very short one if I wasn't intending on staying. Fran was under contract till 2007, and was offered a ten-year extension earlier this season. I would have filled my first contract and then went to the next school after that, but then again, that's just me. I would see it as going back on your word. However, this is business and things like this happen. But the way Frenchione handled it was about as low class as one can get.

He did not call a press conference to tell everyone of his departure. He didn't even explain anything to his players. He left on a private plane early Thursday morning without telling a soul. He met with his assistants earlier that day, and didn't say anything. He even had appointments scheduled Thursday and Friday, and recruiting trips planned for the weekend. He left in such a hurry that he didn't even pack - all of his possessions are still here in T-town, and he has hired movers that will pack up his things and send them over early next week.

The University did not even know he was gone until they saw the Texas papers report that Fran took the A&M job, and investigated to see if it was true. At 3:30 yesterday afternoon, Fran called Mal Moore and let him know he took the A&M job. He then told Mal that he wouldn't be back, amd asked Mal to explain things to the team for him. Sorry sack of shit. Instead, they set up a video conference in the Football Complex here on campus, where Fran told his former team - from his new office in Texas, no less - that he left them and now they'd have to fend for themselves.

Take a look at Coach Fran's webpage. What is the very first thing you see, besides his name? You see the words "Accountability, Loyalty, Trust". Fran showed none of those in how he handled this situation. He was not Accountable for his actions; instead of taking responsibility for his own decision, he snuck out liek a thief in the night. When the NC-double-Assholes were about to hit us with penalties from what the previous coach (DuBose) and his cronies were doing, Fran asked the current players for Loyalty. They could have transferred to another program without loosing eligibility, but they were Loyal to Fran and the Tide and stayed with the team even through the penalties. Fran asked the new recruits for their Trust. Despite lack of scholarships and a bowl ban, these new recruits still chose to come here...despite being able to get a better deal elsewhere. Not only did all of the players give Fran their Loyalty and Trust, but they went on to become the best team in the SEC (despite not being able to claim their rightful title due to the bowl ban). Not only that, but they were a top ten team for a while, and finished 14th overall. However, when it was Fran's turn to stick by the Tide even though he had a better deal elsewhere, he bolted at the first opportunity.

Fran asked the players for their committment. ESPN wrote an article about Fran leaving the Tide, and ironically enough, the title at the top of the page simply said "lack of committment". The first of these articles was linked earlier in this post, and gave the facts of the matter. This article goes into pretty good detail about just how big of an asshole Fran was in making this decision. It's a pretty good read, so go check it out.

That was Strike One. Strike Two was Tom Glavine signing with the Mets.

I never would have believed it. Glavine has always been a Brave. He was every bit as much a symbol of the ball club as Chief Nocahoma used to be back in the day. It is impossible for the human brain to think of the posibility of Glavine being anything else but a Brave. The two were as inseperable as Earnhardt and Goodwrench and RCR - just as everyone knew that Dale would have been driving that black #3 till the day he died, folks equally as well knew they'd have to bury Glavine in his red and blue "A" cap and #47 uniform.

I've always been a big Glavine fan. Not as much a Glavine fan as I was a fan of Dale Murphy as a kid, but I always had a lot of respect for him and loved watching him play. He was easily my favorite of the Braves pitchers...and that's really saying something, considering how dominant their bullpen has been for the past decade. It's going to be sad to see him go, but like Franchione, his leaving is not as disheartning as the circumstances surrounding his departure.

Apparently, Atlanta didn't want Glavine anymore.

Glavine wanted to stay in Atlanta. There's nowhere else he'd rather be. Hell, he stayed with them back through the rotten years of the eighties, when the fans were fond of displaying bumper stickers that beared the slogan: "Go Braves! And take the Falcons with you!". If he could be a Brave through that, then there's nothing that could seperate him from his team. Except that team not wanting you anymore.

John Schuerholz has got plenty of money. Don't you try to tell me that he couldn't have made a decent offer to keep Glavine. It probably didn't even have to be all that great, as long as it was at least an attempt to keep him on the roster. In Fran's case, Texas bought him. They have the fabled "black gold"...Bama's got a huge pay cut due to the NCAA sanctions. In Glavine's case, however, Schuerholz could have easily kept him. He just didn't want to. He never even made an attempt to match the Met's offer. He simply let him walk away.

It's not quite going to be the same without him, just the same wat that there seemed to be something missing when they let Jeff Blauser (someone else I greatly admired) go. What's really going to suck is fipping to channel 25 and watching him pitch against us. Forgive me, but the thought of it still hasn't fully sank in. I'm not going to believe it's even possible until I see it for myself.

That was Strike Two. You know that they always say that bad things come in sets of threes. I'm just waiting to see what happens next. Considering the first two, it could be just about anything. Stay Tuned...
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Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

Update on Frangate 2002

He was loved by everyone here on campus. We thought of him almost as a saviour, taking a 3-8 team and turning them around to being the best in the SEC in no time at all. People were fans of Coach Fran for being Fran, not just for being part of the Crimson Tide. All he had to do was stick around a few more years, and he would have "entered the pantheon", as my brother so eloquently put it. By the time his contract expired in 2007, he would have been up there with the Bear himself...well, not quite, but he would have been neck and neck with Stallings for certain. A few more victories against Tennessee and Auburn, or a single National Championship, and Dennis Franchione would have became the next Bama Legend.

However, he sold out. As a result? Just look at the reaction from those who were behind him just a few short days ago. (Links provided courtesy of the Crimson White, UA's student paper):

Franchione announcement made official - Texas A&M officials introduce Fran as new head coach
FRANCHIPHONY - After talking about loyalty and togetherness, Franchione leaves for Texas A&M
Many students outraged by Fran's decision
History of a traveling Fran - Franchione's wanderlust continues coaching ties between Tide, A&M
Good riddance, Coach Fran
Daily Cartoon for 12-6-02

Need I say more? =P
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Dante Hicks - Working WAY too hard..., Dante Hicks - headdesk, Dante Hicks - Why me?

(no subject)

I hope I'm really shitty at math, because if these calculations are correct, I'm going to need a 101 to pass GES 255 with a 70. I guess this was that dreaded "third evil" that I was expecting.... x_x

I made an 84 on the first test, and a 75 on the second. I prolly should have done a little better on that second one, but it's still not bad. Unfortunately, I got my Test 3 grade back today, and it was a fucking 41. I spent so much time studying for the 480 test that was that same day that I forgot that the Stats test was on Friday instead of the following Monday like it usually is, and that one bad grade tanked my average so much that I am prolly going to have to take the whole damn class over again. I suppose it's my fault though; the first half of the class was pretty easy, so when I had to skip a class to work on 480 it was susually that one. That kinda dropped my homework average considerably, and instead of helping raise that one bad test score up it actually is pulling my average down.

It's so fucking depressing, knowing that it's impossible to pass the class. After all the work I put into it, I won't be able to succeed no matter how good I do on the Final. Actually, I guess it still might be barely possible to pass that class....but only of I do really damn good on the test, and everyone else does poorly enough to warrant a scale on the final grade.

Combine this with Cal III that I had to drop because of that dickhole of a professor, and that's 2 outta 4 that I'm for certain going to have to retake. I'm worried about 480 as well, because I have no idea what grades I'm going to get on the projects. One was due today, and the other has not been graded yet since it was turned in recently. That one was the one we didn't even get close to finishing, due to the shitty ass group that I got stuck in. The professor said that he'd "take our situation into consideration", but I still don't know how that's all going to turn out.

The only class I'm not terrified of failing is 470. My grade in there isn't great, but I'll pass. The project is already working, and I didn't do all that bad on the first test. I don't know what I made on the second test, but this guy is known for being fairly liberal with the sacling policy, so I'm sure I'll do okay. But if that's the only class I am able to pass this semester, I am going to be so fucking pissed.

I don't like the idea of all this time, not to mention all of this effort, being completely wasted. I don't mind working hard and coming in at three in the morning, but if I had to do all of that for nothing I'm going to scream.
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