December 4th, 2002 - Damage Control: Nash's Journal — LiveJournal
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This just in! U.S. Presidents are liars!
The Onion - America's Finest News Source - has the scoop.

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Not another MJ story. Please.

This time, the newspaper faithfully reported that Jacko showed up in court without a shoe. Apparently, a spider bit him. My question: why is this news? We're about to go kick Iraq's ass. We're still hunting down that Osama bin Laden guy. Economy is topsy-turvy. A new corporate scandal turns up every couple of days. Jessie Jackson is still lying, cheating, and stealing from us Americans. Catholic priests all around the country are getting blown this very second by seven year old boys. WHO THE HELL CARES IF A SPIDER BIT JACKSON'S TOE?!!?!?

What's really sad is that I saw this story in multiple newspapers. If it was a paper from rural Mississippi, then I could understand. Sometimes not much is going on, and you need filler. But last I saw, out counrty was still at War. As such, the media gets the Maverick's "Comple and Total Fuckin' Moron" award for the month of December. =P

Considering the target happens to be Jacko, you'd think something as mundane as a spider bite would fly under the media radar, so to speak. I mean, Michael Jackson is a pretty fucked up dude. He's whiter than I am, and looks more feminine than any of the girls here in the CS lab. ::looks around to make sure no one saw me just type that:: His face is rotting off. At present, he looks more like the monkey-chick from the new "Planet of the Apes" movie than he does an African American male. The media has plenty to write about, so with so much wierdness all contained in one man(?) why does a spider bite seem newsworthy?

Just last week, he grabbed his infant by one leg and dangled him over the edge of a balcony. I don't know what's wierder...the fact that Jacko was dangling his baby over the edge of a balcony, or the fact that someone (a woman, presumably) must have had sex with him recently in order for him to have an infant child. ::shudders at the very thought of it:: At least it's a step up from molesting little kids. What else didja think that amusement park in his backyard far for?

News guys? Quit putting this clown in the paper. Unless you're getting pressure from Leno and Letterman and all the other late-night comics because they're running out of material. If his nose falls off onto the floor during the trial, then sure, feel free to mention it in a blurb on page seven. Otherwise, let us normal human beings go back to our lives, and try to pretend freaks like that don't exist.

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