October 30th, 2002 - Damage Control: Nash's Journal — LiveJournal
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I've been so pissed at all the sports analysts never giving the Tide any credit. Even though we dominated all season long, they've been acting like whenever we did somethign noteworthy it was a fluke, or the other team simply messed up and gave that play to us. Bah. We're 6-2 for the year, only losing to #2 Oklahoma and #5 Georgia. We should have won the Georgia game, having what would have been the game-winning TD called back on a penalty. Against Oklahoma, they had to come back from behind on the final drive of the game to beat us. If we had stopped them that one time, or if they hadn't have nailed that hail-mary pass as the end of the first half, we'd be undefeated. Don't get me wrong - Oklahoma played one helluva ball game and earned that win, but I for one don't see how a supposedly unranked Crimson Tide can play the #2 team in the country on an equal level.

However, half a season's worth of bitching and complaining have finally come to an end.
Finally, someone's giving us the respect we're due. Though we're easily one of the top ten teams in the country, going from unranked to the #12 spot isn't a bad start. We're still not on the Coaches' Poll; give us a few more weeks on that one. =P

My theory through all of this is that they didn't want to make the NCAA look bad. They hit us with absurdly hard penalties considering what had happened, and especially considering that all of the coaches and staff who had been involved with that has long since been gone. Instead of the fans being angry that one of the best teams in football isn't eligble to play because of the NCAA, and the bowl game we woulda played losing it's interest since everyone knows Bama should have been there instead of the other team, they simply tried to ignore the Tide and try to downplay our accomplishments. Heh. Too bad U of A just won't be denied. Finally, after last week having our second string QB outshine the so-called football prodigy Eli Manning (Final Score: Bama 42, #24 Ole Miss 7), and then beating #15 Tennessee without much trouble at all, the powers that be can't deny us any longer. ROLL FUCKIN' TIDE!

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