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Just catching up on some web-comics, and stumbled across Monday's Aikida. Thought I'd post it here, especially since I know more than a few folks like this myself...heh.

But like the author himself said: "'Cool' people always seem to turn their noses up at the things we geeks like. I suppose it's what makes us geeks. The funny part is that when they do try our 'geek' activities, they often enjoy them. Video games are fun. Comic books are fun. Computers are fun. D&D is fun. It's just that they're not acceptable - it's the legendary stigma of the nerds. Well, fuck the 'cool' people. If being a geek means doing things I enjoy without fear of judgement, how is this a bad thing?"

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For no real reason at all, aside to provide a distraction from my current programming woes, I decided to build myself a personal homepage. Waaaay back in the day (one weekend when I was really sick...1999, if memory serves me correctly), I decided to teach myself HTML and whipped up a little something by hand just to see if I could do it. However, now I feel like making one "for real". Hopefully with FrontPage this time, rather than NotePad. I suppose it's a prereq for all computer geeks to have their own site, and I'm simply lagging behind the pack.

The current one kinda sucks, and is far too random - I need to focus it on one or two things, and put a lot of interesting, original content in those areas. I'm going to leave Laura's Page as is, except for a few updates (for example, to mention something of our recent engagement) since that's the one page I'm proudest of. (Warning - don't click on that link unless you're ready for some serious mushiness...lol). Besides that, I will likely throw some of my RPG characters, homebrew rules, and the like on there, as it is all original content and may be useful to someone.

I'm also thinking about a Humor section of some sort, as it's easy enough to make fun of people, places, things...I'm not as swift as folks like thespacecow and can't come up with things "on the fly" nearly as well as a professional smartaleck like him can, but given enough time I can come up with some pretty good stuff. The beauty of a web page is that I can tinker with it for as long as I want before I make it go public. Besides, I like to rant and rave, even if no one's there to read what all I gotta say. ::chuckles::

The biggest plan that I have (aside from a complete graphical overhaul to make it look a little more "professional") is to create a "Beginner's Guide to Anime" - a section that explains all the stuff us otaku take for granted but the new fan wouldn't know (things like nosebleeds and so on). Besides that, I want to put more Anime stuff on there, since that's one of my bigger interests...but on the other hand, I don't want to fall into the rut that most webpages fall into. If you've ever seen a "Sailor Moon" webpage, then ya know what I mean. All the character bios are almost identical, the same images in the image gallery, etc. ::winks:: All that's on there now is a review of Galaxy Fraulein Yuna that I did way back in the day. Even though that turned out not too bad (not too good either, I suppose), I don't know whether to make whatever Anime pages I do "review" style like that for all the folks that haven't seen the series, or go all out and reveal all the fun spoilers and all that. =P

Looks like I have my work cut out for me. I won't be able to get around to anything serious until after this big mean ECE 480 project is over with, but I suppose it's something to shoot for. I know not many of y'all read this journal anyway, but if anyone by chance is reading all of this and has some ideas on something that'd be neat to see, just lemme know and I'll think about it.
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