October 20th, 2002 - Damage Control: Nash's Journal — LiveJournal
Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it, drag it, drop it, zip-unzip it...
Just a few random links, in case any of you haven't seen these yet. Even if you have, at least this will save me the trouble of looking up the URL for the slotcar game whenever I get stuck working on my project over at the HO 201 labs...

DBZ in a Nutshell - while I'm about as big of an Anime fan as there is, I can't really say that I'm all that much of a DBZ fan. Here's a humorous synopsis of the series, for any of you out there that have never seen or even heard of DragonBall.

Threebrain - EVERYONE's seen "weeeeee" by now, but no Flash movie list would be complete without Albert Christmas Squirrel. Be sure to check out all of the rock videos; while the first one is the one that everyone remembers best, the rest are pretty damn funny, too. ^_^

Heroes - If you've seen "Clerks", then check out this hillarious parody. If you haven't seen "Clerks" yet, go rent it right now, cause you don't know what you're missing. =P

Old School Afternoon - If you're a child of the 80's like I was, you'll get a kick outta this one.

Boom Boom Volleyball - not a movie, but an amusing little game where too beach bunnies are playing V-ball with explosive devices.

Bin Laded Liquors - one of many games where you get to fire away at the biggest asshole of the 21st century.

Atomic Badger Racing - Need I say more?

Extreme Stick Death - The latest from Xiao Xiao.

Makai Media Spear Toss - strangely addictive game, despite it's simplicity. Several other games on that site as well.

Slotcar Racers - One of my favorite distractions. Build your own track, then race your slotcar against the computer or a friend.
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Hehe. I decided to go ahead and give LJ five bucks to test out all these spiffy "members only" features. It's only five bucks, and as much as I log on to here, I figure the guys in the back deserve a little pizza money. Especially since in a year or so from now, I'll be in their shoes - working for some company and hoping that the users donate some cash and/or can't find out a way to hack copies of the software, burn them onto CD-R's, and distribute them to all their friends. =P

I don't know what all paid users get that regular users don't, but one of the features is being able to search through other user's profiles and such. I bet I can find some interesting people in eight weeks, and once I get their names, then they'll be on my Friends list even after the paid account expires. If I find anyone interesting, then I suppose it's worth the five bucks. That, plus I have a few more access codes, in case anyone needs 'em.

If nothing else, after my two month trial is over, I still get to have ten pics instead of the normal three, as long as I pick the ten ones I want ahead of time and not constantly switch them around. Check out my new pics if ya wanna! ^_^

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