October 18th, 2002 - Damage Control: Nash's Journal — LiveJournal
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Just read in the paper that Big Al has been nominated to the first ever All-Americal Mascot Team. While this in itself is an honor, the twelve mascots will compete against each other to see which one will be Mascot of the Year. The winner will be chosen by an online poll.

So everybody, be sure to VOTE FOR BIG AL"!! Send this link to all the Tide fans you know - right now, the Nittany Lion has a commanding lead, and we need everyone to support the Crimson Tide if we're gonna have a chance to win this thing. ROLLLLLL TIDE!!
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Homecoming 2002 - "Reflections"

1:00pm "Quad Games" begin
7:00pm Pep Rally @ Gorgas Library
7:45pm Bonfire @ SE corner of the Quad (approx.)
8:00pm Lynyrd Skynyrd in concert - LIVE @ NE corner of the Quad!

9:00am Homecoming Parade begins, runs from downtown along University Boulevard to RSHC
9:30am "Kickoff on the Quad" begins
10:15am Entertainment on the Quad stage
12:00pm MTV begins filming for "Homecoming Weekend 2002" Special
12:05pm College of Engineering Pre-game Party
12:15pm "Alabama Legends" autograph tent opens. Bob Baumhower likely to be there, possibly others
12:30pm WVUA begins weekly broadcast of theCTSN Pregame Show
1:30pm Elephant Stomp, begins @ Denny Chimes
2:30pm Kickoff - Alabama (4-2) vs Ole Miss (5-1) @ Bryant-Denny Stadium, televised by CBS.
Gametime weather expected to be Partly Cloudy, with a high of 77.

Remember to VOTE for BIG AL, and ROLL TIDE!

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Screw what your momma taught you as a kid - not only is playing with your food fun, but it could get ya in the news. Here's two links that I found online that really cracked me up. ^_^

1) http://www.boston.com/news/daily/18/odds_cannon.htm - Man builds anti-aircraft style cannon that can shoot pumpkins over a mile at speeds in excess 900 mph and through the back end of a car. Fun stuff.

2) http://birdman.org/products/DoTheDew.htm#a - For only $45 bucks, you too can have a street-sweeper shotgun that can blast cool, refreshing cola taste to your friends with deadly accuracy. I want one of these babies for Christmas, I tell ya.

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